. bombshell blondies.
. fudgy brownies.
. gingerbread-cinnamon-swirl-toffee mess.
. Nanaimo bars.
. pecan shortbread brownies.
. white chocolate coconut bars.

. better than yo’ mama’s banana bread.
. brown sugar bacon scones with maple glaze.
. go-to cinnamon buns.
. monkey bread.

Cakes. (can you believe I didn’t even like red velvet when I started this blog?)
. blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake.
. brownie mosaic cheesecake.
. dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.
. DDD cake. (dense, delicious and dark.)
. easter egg nest cupcakes. (pictures only)
. fondant birthday cupcakes for Payton. (pictures only)
. pina colada cupcakes.
. super funfetti cupcakes. (pictures only)
. red velvet cupcakes (way better than whoopie pies.)
. red velvet whoopie pies.
. stacked red velvet cheesecake.
. yellow cake.

. brown butter toffee chocolate-stuffed cookies.
. butter toffee crunch shortbread.
. chewy chocolate chip cookies.
. coconut macaroons.
. cream cheese stuffed chocolate chip cookies.
. old school oatmeal cookies.
. peanut butter butterscotch chippers (my favourite pb cookies EVER.)
. peanut butter cookies.
. shortbread-caramel acorns.
. skillet chocolate chip cookie.
. snickerdoodles.

. chocolate silk pie.
. chocolate and peanut butter no-bake bird’s nests.
. peanut butter marshmallow slice.
. protein pancakes.
. S’more pie.


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