about the blogger.

I’m Jayme, I’m the mind behind Bake, Eat and Grow!
I’m 20 years old, and I live in Winnipeg with my amazing boyfriend Jordan. He’s awesome!

I love baking, I love eating, I love trying new things. I will be going to Red River College starting September 2012 for Professional Baking, because I want to open my own bakery in about 10 years!

I started the blog because I used to suffer constantly from godawful depression. I was never suicidal or anything, but I drifted through life, never left the apartment or saw my friends, I never really felt happy or even content.
I have since changed my ways, and keep my depression at bay (for the most part, there are still times when I really struggle) with a positive attitude, more confidence, a social life and lots of physical activity.

My favourite hobby is aerial dance, which I do twice a week. (fabrics and hoop & trapeze.)
I love exercise!
My workouts vary between running, resistance training, yoga, Pilates, gymnastics, dance, or just dancing around at home with some push-ups thrown in. I believe the key to consistent exercise is doing what you think is fun and satisfying, not worrying about burning the most calories.

Here’s some more things that I think are awesome!
. my family.
. fast, expensive cars (saleen s7 is my favourite).
. photography. mostly food photography.
. traveling.
. writing.
. movies.
. planning. I’m super duper organized and would probably die if I didn’t have a plan for everything.
. music! (system of a down, the misfits, children of bodom, and rise against are my favorite bands.)
. fashion & style!
. hair and make up.
. Spongebob Squarepants, Dexter, and Harry Potter.

Here’s some fun pictures of me!

Jordles and I all bundled up. I like how you can’t even see his face..

Me all wrapped up in the fabric.

My dance group! I’m the booty-poppin’ pirate on the left.

My splits! (I have been both blond and brunette. Yes, those are all actually me.)

Here’s a video of my front hip circle on the trapeze. I think it’s funny because my look of intense concentration.

With Jordan’s family in Mexico. It was such an awesome vacation. (I’m the one that’s a full head shorter than everyone else.)

Feel free to contact me at jaymenickel@hotmail.com!
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  1. Grace · · Reply

    Hey there, I was on urbanspoon and somehow I wound up here! I just wanted to say that I love the blog! It’s really inspirational, and super cute as well! I can really relate to it! We have a lot in common, I think, and I would love to chat!

    So here’s a bit about me, too:
    My name is Gracie, I’m 18 and I live in a small town of about 600 people, 2 hours away from Winnipeg. My dad owns the bakery here in my town and I work full-time there with him. I absolutely adore it!
    My boyfriend and I are also trying out many different restaurants in Winnipeg. Neither of us are from Manitoba originally, so we’re actually still trying to learn our way around the city. Well, the whole province kind of haha.
    We’re always thinking of new things to do, and places to see. Like you, we’re always trying to learn and to grow and experience life.

    I really look forward to talking to you a bit more!!

    Gracie xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Gracie. I’m glad someone other than me likes my blog! Lol.

      I’m originally a small-town girl too. You’re so lucky, I would love to have your job!
      Winnipeg has the most restaurants per capita or something crazy like that, so trying to eat your way around the city/province is a fun project.
      I’d love to hear about your adventures. I’ll send you my e-mail. πŸ™‚

  2. I ended up here from urban spoon and absolutely loved loved loved your blog! It inspired me to look into blogging again because my boyfriend and I love trying new restaurants all the time.
    Our favs:
    Original Joes
    The Current (dine about winnipeg for the price)

    And as I notice that you often grab ice cream … favourite ice cream is actually Canadian Tire gas bar (st james and polo park only), mix a orange or cream soda slushee with soft serve ice cream, SO good!

    1. Thanks so much! Your comment made me smile. πŸ™‚

      I’m a big fan of Original Joe’s as well, but haven’t been to The Current or Sydney’s. They are on my list of places to eat though.

      I love my desserts haha. I’ve never done the slushee + soft serve, but that sounds like an awesome float (especially when made with cream soda.. yummmmmm). I’m going to give that a shot the next time I’m in the Polo Park area. πŸ™‚

  3. whats4lunch · · Reply

    What are you doing in the upside picture, is this off of a trampoline ?

    1. I was doing a backflip with split legs, it’s technical name is a “back walkout”.
      And yup. I could never ever get that high without a trampoline haha.

  4. whats4lunch · · Reply

    Impressive — I play soccer, but this is a different type of agility.

  5. Bruce MacDonald · · Reply

    Hey Jayme,

    Happened to me too! I was on Urbanspoon and poof! here I am.
    Another restaurant you should really try is the Frenchway located on Academy Road, not to be confused with the Frenchway Bakery on Corydon where Bread and Circuses used to be, same owners though!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I read some reviews, the Frenchway sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

  6. Your recipes are soooooo amazing!
    I’m drooling reading them and already thinking of 5:00 when I get off of work and can try one!

    PLEASE continue to post more!!


    1. Thanks so much! All of your comments have put a big smile on my face. πŸ™‚
      If you try a recipe, I’d love to know how it turns out.

      1. I will definitely post a response with pics/video links.


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