bake: stacked red velvet cheesecake.

Remember my Cheesecake Factory experience?

I knew I couldn’t wait until my next trip to the States to have it again.

Oh baby. I think this is my pride and joy of all my baking creations so far; a beautiful red velvet cake sandwiching white chocolate cheesecake, all covered in cream cheese frosting.

I used a schmorg of recipes to create this masterpiece:
Red velvet cake from Brown Eyed Baker.
Cheesecake from my mother-in-law, which I can’t share. So I recommend using this one from Domestic Goddess Adventures.
Cream cheese frosting recipe  and a little inspiration also from Domestic Goddess Adventures. Thank you! 🙂

Before you start baking: Both cakes need to be 100% cooled before you can work with them. I would suggest baking the cakes one day, then stacking and icing them the next day.


1. Bake your red velvet cake. You can do one cake, like me, then cut it in half to create two thinner layers.
OR you can make two cakes to create two thick layers. If that’s the case, double my suggested Red Velvet Cake recipe.

2. Bake your cheesecake. Be sure to use a springform pan, because this cake has no crust.
I also made my cheesecake in a pan a little bit bigger than my red velvet cake, because cheesecake tends to brown on the sides, and I didn’t want to see that. So I just cut the browned bits off, and it fit my red velvet cake layers almost perfectly.
Chill your cheesecake overnight in the fridge.

3. To assemble, cut the red velvet cake layer in half. No, I don’t mean right down the middle. I mean the hard way where you slide the knife through horizontally. You should suddenly have two thin layers of cake. A serrated bread knife is the best one for the job.
(If using two cakes, simply level the cakes so they are flat on top.)

4. Carefully lift your cheesecake from the bottom of the springform pan, and place on a piece of parchment paper. Put one of your cake layers on top of the cheesecake, and trim any excess.
Place the layers on top of the last cake layer. Taa-daaa, stacked cake!

5. Make your cream cheese icing, and do a thin, barely-there coat of icing all over, just to pick up the crumbs. Stick your cake in the fridge for an hour or so, but keep your icing at room temperature-ish.This will make icing the cake a little easier.

6. When your cake + crumb coat has chilled nicely, cover the entire cake in a nice thick layer of cream cheese icing. (I used a small spatula.)

Jordan is a total pro, and got the icing soooo smooth. I do not have the skills or patience to pull off that level of smoothness.

7. Chill the completed cake for a couple more hours, cut with a sharp, not-serrated knife, and serve with a dollop of sweet whipped cream! 🙂



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