My Goals for 2012.

Health & Fitness

5 year.

By September 2016, I will participate in a triathlon.
In 2016, I will still dance and be active. I will fuel properly, and love & respect my body like it deserves.

10 year.

By October 2021, I will run two half marathons, one of which will be destination. Maybe Rome, Paris, Vegas, Mexico, Jamaica, Australia…..
In 2021, I will still love my changing body. I will be 30 years old, but I will be confident. I will still dance and be active, because I love it!


5 year.

By 2016, I will be a great cake decorator.
By 2016, I will have some baking and business education.
By 2016, I will know most of my brownie and cookie recipes by heart.
By June 2016, I will speak another language fluently, probably Spanish.

10 year.

By 2021, I will speak German and Spanish fluently.
By 2021, I will have an official business plan and location for my specialty bakery.


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