bake: funfetti cupcakes.

A couple days ago, it was snowing like the apocalypse here on the lovely Prairies.

In April. How depressing.

Since I was stuck inside all day and didn’t have a workout or anything else fun planned, I wanted to bake. And since it was all gloomy out, and I was frustrated from trying (and failing) to develop cake decorating skillz, I wanted to bake something cute and happy.
One word: FUNFETTI!

It’s hard to look at something with that many sprinkles and be all doom n’ gloom. I don’t care that funfetti is just white cake loaded with sprinkles, it put a smile on my face.

I used this recipe from Baking Bites for the cupcakes (except I like.. tripled the sprinkles). The frosting is Wilton’s godawful pre-made buttercream, which made these pretty much inedible. I have a huge tub of the nasty frosting and it works well for cake decorating practice, but tastes like cat butt. Just so you know.

Oh well! They looked cute, and that’s the important thing.

No recipe for today, since I didn’t actually eat any of these, and I didn’t have alter the recipe in any way. But if you need a quick pick-me-up, make these cupcakes! 🙂


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