bake: payton’s birthday cupcakes, my first experience with fondant.

I really don’t like children for the most part. But Jordan’s 9-year-old cousin Payton and I are BFFs!
I can play thumb war with her for hours and I’ll never win, and she is the sassiest little girl I know.

Payton is a HUGE Cake Boss fan, and is therefore obsessed with fondant. I had the same problem until I ate fondant and realized it tastes like sugary glue.
Payton’s mama asked me to make her daughter some birthday cupcakes, and I knew fondant would be involved.
Since the fondant is going to taste like .. well, fondant, the cupcakes had better be delicious. So I called up my friend Cake Mix, and he churned out delicious, moist funfetti and chocolate cupcakes for me. 🙂

Jordan cut the letters out of yellow fondant, by using stickers as a stencil. Skillllz.
He also cut rounds for the cupcakes out of purple and pink fondant. I had the idea to texturize it with a little Wilton tool, and the “quilting” turned out really cute! He also did “stitching” around the edges of some rounds.

To attach the fondant bases, I spread a thin layer of buttercream on top of the cupcake and stuck it on. To attach the letter, I simply painted the back with water and stuck it to the fondant base.

To clean up the cupcakes and make them look nice and shiny, Jordan actually took an iron and steamed each cupcake. It made a big difference! Turns out we did learn something from watching Cake Boss.

The whole process seems pretty quick, but omg. No. I will not be using fondant + cupcakes together again for a lonnng time.
It wasn’t super difficult or complex, but it took us at least 3 hours to do 20 cupcakes, and there was icing sugar and gel color eeeeeeverywhere.

Despite all that, I think they look super cute and I am really proud of Jordan and myself! Our cupcakes look clean, crisp and almost professional.
I hope these cupcakes can impress a 9-year-old. They can be tough critics.

Update: Payton and the rest of the party loved the cupcakes, and they even tasted good!The layer of fondant wasn’t super thick, so you still got lots of delicious cupcake flavor.

How do you feel about fondant? I think it’s gorgeous, but tastes like gluey butt. Ever worked with it?


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