Hey readers!

As you can see, I haven’t been very present in the blogworld. Starting school in September sent my life in a busy, unexpected direction. I absolutely love being a student, and I love “working” in the bakeshop everyday.

There has been some real challenges (like not having a bill-paying job and trying not to go into major debt), but there were also some amazing moments.

Here are the highlights from the past couple of months!

1) My blog is on a restaurant’s wall! (!!!!!!!!!!) I went out to Carbone Pizza for dinner a couple weeks ago, and nearly fainted when I saw my own blog header in their entrance way. I wrote a review for them, and apparently they thought it was fair, so it’s in a snazzy frame on their wall.

2) I have a social life again, somehow. In the past month, I have gotten shmammered and had great times with friends no less than 3 times. Which I feel is normal for a 22 year old college student.

3) I got a 93% on my Yeast Goods practical test. What’s up, future employers? 😉

4) I began teaching two classes at the dance studio, and assisting with an adult class. I feel like I have learned so much about kids in just a couple months. For one, I learned that I no longer care if the kids think I’m super cool, but I do care if they’re learning. And learning safely.

5) Jordan found a physical activity he loves. Turns out it’s bowling. 🙂

6) I discovered the best plaid flannel shirts ever. Joe Fresh (Superstore), $19. LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

7) Cut my own hair multiple times. It still looks like straw.

8) Participated in a flash mob. It was awesome! You can see it here.

9) Tried 17 different kinds of chocolate in one day. I also ate a raw cocoa bean on the same day.

I’m trying to reorganize my blog a little bit, so I can start blogging about my one year as a Professional Baking student. Check back soon!

Have a great week! 🙂



  1. Hi Jayme,
    I’m happy that you wrote new post. I stayed in Winnipeg 2010-2011 and somehow I found your blog. Since then this is one of my favorite English texts! Recently I was kind of expected you quit this blog. But well, it’s really happy to know you starts new life as a student and teacher 😉
    Hope your best from Japan.

  2. I have heard that Carbone Pizza is really good and I want to try it. I’m going to check out Joe’s flannel shirt now, thanks! Have a great weekend – stay warm!

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