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Kawaii Crepe.

Winnipeg has this little area called “the village”.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the kids call it these days. It’s actually Osborne Village, and it’s a really cool spot.  To me, it feels almost like a piece of the Vegas strip.  There are a bunch of trendy clubs, quaint places to eat, unique […]

eat: Balkan the Greek.

I love Banff. It is a charming, attractive town, filled with athletic, well-dressed people. For my dad’s 50th birthday dinner, we decided to go out on the town. Balkan the Greek had great reviews on Urbanspoon, and we all love Greek food, so it seemed like our best choice. Our evening started off interesting. We […]

eat: Olympia diner.

We finally went out for dinner! (Jordan and I bought a January trip to Jamaica, which put us out $1350, so we both need to be very financially responsible. Which means a lot less “eat”s.) We decided to try Olympia Diner. It’s a quaint, family-owned Greek place that I’ve driven by on Portage Ave a […]

eat: Chop.

For Jordan’s birthday we went to Chop for a fun, classy night out. I love getting dressed up! I love it so much, I think I’ll start glamming up every time we go out for dinner. A slinky black dress, glitzy gold nails, false eyelashes, perfectly straight hair and heels can make me feel pretty […]

eat: carbone pizza.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza is brand spanky new restaurant with a unique way to make pizza; in a coal-fired oven. According to their website, it’s the first place in Canada to do it. We had to wait for about 10 minutes before being seated (they had a VERY small entrance area), and we had to […]

eat: Oakwood Cafe.

I bought a Groupon this week for a little place called the Oakwood Cafe. I have a feeling loads of people drive by it on Osborne everyday and have no idea it’s there. Those people are seriously missing out, our experience at the Oakwood Cafe was awesome! We showed up for a late dinner, 8:00 […]

eat: Prairie Ink.

Heyyyy everyone! Hope you’re having a great start to the week. Our restaurant for the weekend was Prairie Ink. It’s a restaurant in a bookstore (McNally Robinson at Grant Park shopping center), so I was a little skeptical. I’m very happy to say Prairie Ink won me over. 🙂 We had to wait for about […]

eat: Casa Grande Pizzeria.

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried another “best pizza in Winnipeg”, so last weekend’s eat was Casa Grande Pizzeria. Apparently I’ve been here before, but it was 2 or 3 years ago. Which I’m clearly not going to remember. The place was jumpin’. The downstairs level was completely booked, so we went upstairs. One whole […]

eat: Lovey’s BBQ.

I decided to try out Lovey’s after one of our owners came back from lunch raving about it. He’s a foodie too, and much pickier than I am, so I’ll try anything he recommends. We ventured out around 8 pm, and when we got there the place was still packed. Craazy. Lovey’s has an interesting […]

weekend breakfast and product review.

Haaaay readers! Happy Monday. I had an interesting weekend. Baked Expectations, one of my favorite dessert joints in town, is hiring bakers, so I mosied over to hippie central (Osborne Village) to apply. I really wanted to get a couple slices of cake while I was there, but the place was packed! No dice bo […]