eat: carbone pizza.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza is brand spanky new restaurant with a unique way to make pizza; in a coal-fired oven. According to their website, it’s the first place in Canada to do it.

We had to wait for about 10 minutes before being seated (they had a VERY small entrance area), and we had to sit at the bar for our meal, which I’m not crazy about.
This time I didn’t mind. I watched my pizza come together right in front of me, and there was a lot of action for us to watch. It made for a different, fun experience.

We didn’t have to wait too long for our custom pizzas, maybe 25 minutes. That’s pretty impressive, since the place was jumpin’.

Our pizza was delicious.

I topped my pizza with roasted red peppers, parmesan cheese and proscioutto. It had a beautifully thin crust, and so much cheese the tips were all droopy. It was a little too crispy for me on the edges, I like a slightly doughier crust. The cheese was flavorful, the tomato sauce was not overwhelming, the parmesan was the real shaved stuff, and the prosciottuo was yummy and salty.

Overall, I thought it was great. Jordan also really enjoyed his. He said Carbone is better than Bonfire’s, but I would love to compare the two side-by-side.

I wasn’t sure how the coal-fired oven was supposed to enhance the pizza, but it turns out “anthracite coal” is more environmentally friendly than wood fires or gas grills. It also cooks the pizza very quickly.

This place was on the pricey side. $60 for 2 thin 12” pizzas with 3 toppings, 2 beers, and 2 scoops of strawberry gelato (which was also really good), with tip.
It’s not outrageous, but I wouldn’t be going here for pizza every week.

Anyways, we really enjoyed our experience.
Jordan gave it a 9/10, overall.
I gave the food an 8/10, the service a 6.5/10 (it wasn’t bad, wasn’t great either), and a 7/10 for value.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza on Urbanspoon
I would totally recommend Carbone for fun, new pizza experience.



  1. Sounds very tasty. I’m a fan of Bonfire Bistro, so I’ll be interested to try Carbone and see how it compares.

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