eat: Oakwood Cafe.

I bought a Groupon this week for a little place called the Oakwood Cafe. I have a feeling loads of people drive by it on Osborne everyday and have no idea it’s there.
Those people are seriously missing out, our experience at the Oakwood Cafe was awesome!

We showed up for a late dinner, 8:00 p.m.-ish.
We were seated and served drinks promptly by our friendly server.

The decor in this place is a little schizophrenic. There was lots of nice modern touches, but there were retro-looking rectangles on the wall that threw me off. It’s a polished-looking restaurant though, I can deal with some funky rectangles.
There was also some fun music playing during our meal, we heard some old country (Jordan loved it) and Frank Sinatra. I liked it!

I had gone a little overboard on peanut butter cookies earlier in the day, so I definitely wanted something light to munch on. I went with their veggie wrap (“roasted red peppers, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, red onions, with fresh goat cheese and roasted red pepper dressing“) and some sweet potato fries on the side. Our server complimented my choice, I love it when that happens. đŸ˜€

Jordan went with their taco salad (“seasoned ground beef served on crisp romaine lettuce and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, garden tomatoes, red onions, fresh bell peppers, cucumbers, crispy tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream“).

Our food arrived hot n’ fresh in 12 minutes. That is hella fast, and awesome.

Here’s my wrap and fries.

I loved it. The wrap was very different, I’d never had that combination of veggies and cheese, and I thought it was really good. I am puuuumped for my leftovers today.
The sweet potato fries were delicious. Crunchy, sweet, and fresh. These were as good as the Lobby on York’s. I wish they came with a cool, spicy dip, but ketchup was good in this case.

Jordan’s taco salad.

He really enjoyed it. I had a few bites and loved all the different textures and temperatures. Gooood taco salad. I really wish I could say more, but Jordles is not the type to get descriptive about food.
Also, that garlic bread is AMAZING. I would seriously walk in, ask for 10 slices of garlic bread, and just eat that for dinner. A little crunch and lots of garlic flavor. Mmmmmmm.

We had the food rated at 8/10 before dessert. But we decided to try a big ol’ slice of Mud Pie, once our server mentioned all the desserts are made from scratch.


This was delicious.
Smooth, chocolate-y, with a few different textures. I loved it, so did the boyfriend.
Dessert got a 9/10.

Overall, we had an awesome experience and will definitely be going again.
Our server was super friendly and attentive, he gets a 10/10. I’m not sure what the service is like on a busy Friday night, but we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, and it was great.
Although, there was one other employee who could definitely be more professional around customers. I could clearly hear her complaining about her day, and I personally don’t like hearing someone bitch while I’m enjoying a nice meal. Suck it up or go into the back area to complain where customers can’t hear you.

Our bill with tip was $23, but we got $20 off from the Groupon, so it was actually just under $40.
I think that’s a little bit expensive for a wrap, a big salad and a dessert, but the food was good quality and the service was great, so I have no problem paying a little extra.
8.5/10 for value.

I would totally recommend the Oakwood Cafe for your next meal out, I’ll be coming back to try the Oakwood Burger.

The Oakwood Cafe on Urbanspoon

Coming up soon:
. bake: my favorite peanut butter cookies.
. bake: Snickerdoodles.
. grow: a post about injuries.


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