eat: Chop.

For Jordan’s birthday we went to Chop for a fun, classy night out.

I love getting dressed up! I love it so much, I think I’ll start glamming up every time we go out for dinner.
A slinky black dress, glitzy gold nails, false eyelashes, perfectly straight hair and heels can make me feel pretty damn good.

Moving on.
We arrived at Chop all dressed up and found a table outside on the patio. It is so modern and beautiful! I loved the two-sided outdoor fireplaces, and the overall design.

Please ignore my ridiculousness and look at the elegant set-up.

If I were rich, I would perch my butt on those couches in the background and drink all day.

Unfortunately, it took about 15 minutes for anyone to actually notice us on the patio.
It was a little unpleasant to see a server go back and forth between tables, give us a smile and wave, then go back inside. A different server eventually gave us menus and drinks.
It was smooth sailing from there.

Jordan got a Caesar salad to start with, and it was tasty. It actually had a bit of bite to it, I’m not sure if that was lemon juice or something else, but it was good. It also had real shaved Parmesan, which I love.

We both got steak for entrees; the baseball for Jordan, and the top sirloin for me. We waited for about 25 minutes for our food, which was fine with me. I was content to sit there enjoying the atmosphere and shootin’ the breeze with my boyfriend.


Medium rare top sirloin steak, wild rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables, and cheese toast.


I loved pretty much everything about this meal.
Not the zuchinni, because I just don’t do mushy.
But the steak was cooked the way I like (hot, pink and tender, but not so pink and tender that it’s spurting blood), had lots of flavor, and wasn’t tough or chewy at all.
The rice pilaf had a wholesome, nutty flavor and pleasant chewiness.
And the cheese toast. Oh my. It was just a piece of toast with a thick layer of cheese melted overtop, but I loved every bite. It was cheesy bliss.

Jordan also thoroughly enjoyed his baseball steak, loaded baked potato, and sautéed mushrooms. As well as a couple pieces of my cheese toast, which I graciously offered (I know, I’m such a good person).

I’m giving the food a 9/10. Delicious.

The service was not fantastic. Our server was really friendly, but not very knowledgeable. As I mentioned, it took quite a while before we got service out on the patio, and it took too long for my liking to clear our plates away. Service gets a 6.5/10.

This was a special occasion meal, and it was definitely on the pricey side. Caesar salad, two steak dinners with a side of cheese toast, and drinks with tip was $86.
It was pretty expensive, but I’m always ok paying good money for a great meal.
We had a fun time, loved the atmosphere, and enjoyed a delicious meal, so I’ll give a 7.5/10 for value.

Overall, I loved Chop and will definitely go again. Get out on the patio if you can, it’s so gorgeous!
Chop Steak Fish & Bar on Urbanspoon


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