eat: Casa Grande Pizzeria.

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried another “best pizza in Winnipeg”, so last weekend’s eat was Casa Grande Pizzeria.
Apparently I’ve been here before, but it was 2 or 3 years ago. Which I’m clearly not going to remember.

The place was jumpin’. The downstairs level was completely booked, so we went upstairs. One whole wall was windows, which I really liked. Lots of light always means great food photos. 🙂
None of the décor wowed me, that’s for sure. Dripped wax candles combined with picnic-style tablecloths? Errrkkk..

Oh well. This is a food blog, I’ll try not to get too hung up on restaurant interiors.

We were told to seat ourselves. We noticed there was only one guy working the busy upstairs area. After a while, we also got up and found menus for ourselves. It took about 15 minutes just to get drinks and our orders taken. Uh oh.
I went with the nightly special, spinach and ricotta manicotti. Jordan tried their veggie pizza.
We got a little bread basket and my starter salad in about 20 minutes. The garlic bread wasn’t the best, and the salad was oily. However, I’ve never had a not-oily Italian salad, so it was pretty average.

Thennnnn we waited for another 30 minutes. So, in total, we waited 50 minutes for our entrees. In my opinion, that’s totally unacceptable.

I really wanted to throw a hissy fit, but it was clear there’s usually more than one person working. This poor guy was hosting, taking orders, serving, taking payments, and bussing for 6 or 7 tables. I felt bad for him. He was probably doing his best to keep up with all the orders, so I didn’t take out my frustrations on him.

Thankfully, I can still bitch over my blog.
Casa Grande owners, hire more people! You need enough employees to cover your ass when someone calls in sick on a Friday night. Your customers will not receive acceptable service when there’s only one stressed out person doing several jobs. If a restaurant reviewer happens to come on a night where you’re scrambling, it makes you look unprofessional.

The lack of customer service gets a 4/10, but our server deserves a 9/10. He was seriously givin’ er.

Moving along from customer service issues, the food was pretty good.

Here’s my manicotti. It was cheesy, hot, fresh and tasty.

And the pizza. I didn’t try any, but Jordan liked it. The crust is nice and thick, and the pizza is loaded with toppings.

The food was good. However, the prices were for really good food.

My meal at Casa Grande totally reminded me of the Spaghetti Factory, taste-wise. But at the Spaghetti Factory, it would be cheaper and I would get spumoni ice cream at the end.
I was not very happy paying $18.95 for nothing-special pasta, and $18.95 for a pizza that’s “not as good as Santa Lucia’s”, which came with a long wait.

The food gets a 6.5/10, and a 5/10 for value. Not good.

I see no reason to go back to Casa Grande. Understaffed, average food, and expensive. No thank you. I was very surprised by our experience, because it seems like eeeeeveryone loves this place. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but I see nothing exceptional about this joint.

How do you feel about Casa Grande?

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