eat: Olympia diner.

We finally went out for dinner! (Jordan and I bought a January trip to Jamaica, which put us out $1350, so we both need to be very financially responsible. Which means a lot less “eat”s.)

We decided to try Olympia Diner. It’s a quaint, family-owned Greek place that I’ve driven by on Portage Ave a million times.

The place was jumpin’ when we got there around 6:00, and we had to wait 5 minutes for a table. This is another restaurant with a verrry small entranceway, so I’m glad the wait wasn’t long.

We started off with a beer, some wine and a basket of amazing garlic bread.

I’m pretty sure this garlic bread was buttered on both sides. Phenomenal.

The starter Greek salad was also pretty good. Not overly oily, and it didn’t have the too-much-lettuce-not-enough-flavorful-veggies problem that many salads do, but it was a little on the small side.

Our server was a sweetie and changed the channel on the only TV to the Jets game, so I got sidetracked and didn’t note how long it took to get our meals. I would guess about 30 minutes? That was fine with me, especially since it was very busy.

I ordered Mediterranean stuffed chicken (chicken stuffed with olives, green peppers and feta cheese), with lemon potatoes and rice on the side (yup, you get both). It’s pretty similar to what I had at Kristina’s, but this was so, so so much better. The chicken tasted fresh and flavorful, as opposed to musty and bland. I liked the creamy sauce it came with, but there was a little too much. I would order it again.

(please excuse the crappy picture, I’ve been away from food blogging for too long and forgot my camera.)

The lemon potatoes, rice and carrots were all good. Nothing made them outstanding, but I can’t complain about tasty food. Jordan also enjoyed his souvlaki, and was really surprised that he got 2 skewers instead of 1.

I’m going to give the food a 7/10. It’s pretty good, but not mind-blowing.

The service was decent throughout the evening. Nothing took too long, our server was attentive enough, and the plates were cleared away shortly after we were done eating. (For anyone that doesn’t read regularly, having dirty or empty plates sitting on the table for more than 5 minutes drives me INSANE). I’ll give the service a 7.5/10.

One thing that did impress me about Olympia was the prices. My chicken was $18, and as I mentioned I got salad, garlic bread, 2 servings of chicken, potatoes, rice, and veggies. For $18. That’s pretty ballin’. Olympia Diner gets an 8.5/10 for value.

Overall, it was a good experience. Delicious, fresh food in a homey environment, with great prices. I would definitely go to Olympia again.

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  1. I’ll have to give Olympia a try, as I love Greek food. I’m sorry you didn’t have a better experience at Kristina’s on Corydon. I’ve eaten there multiple times and I love their food. It might be worth giving it another try.

    1. Kristina’s wasn’t terrrrible, it was just very mediocre and very expensive. And the drinks sucked lol.
      Yeah, I enjoyed Olympia. My #1 favorite Greek restaurant is Pappa’s on Roblin, really good but a little pricey.
      What’s yours?

      1. You need to try Steve’s Bistro on Portage Avenue – great food & service. Small place so need to reserve space especially on a Friday night.

      2. I have tried Steve’s and gave them a pretty decent review, but I haven’t tried their Greek food.

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