eat: Prairie Ink.

Heyyyy everyone! Hope you’re having a great start to the week.

Our restaurant for the weekend was Prairie Ink.
It’s a restaurant in a bookstore (McNally Robinson at Grant Park shopping center), so I was a little skeptical.
I’m very happy to say Prairie Ink won me over. 🙂

We had to wait for about 15 minutes before we could get a table, but we were seated and had drinks in a few minutes.

I was tempted to get the all-day French toast, but I went with a bison burger, and Jordan got chicken lasagna with soup and salad.

Jordan got red pepper soup as a starter, and he really enjoyed it. However, it didn’t mention anywhere that the soup contained chicken. Jordan also got chicken lasagna as an entree, so he was a few bites away from sprouting feathers and pecking at the ground. I think our server could have mentioned the chicken in the soup to avoid overdoing it on the poultry, but that’s the only blunder I can think of.

We had our entrees in 20 minutes, which is perfect in my opinion.

Here’s my bison burger.

It was so tall! I could barely get my lips around this bad boy.

This was fantastic. Bison has a reputation for being dry, but this was the opposite. Lots of flavor, and lean tasting but definitely not dry.
I loved all the toppings too; mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce. Delicious.
My only complaint is the bun-burger ratio. There was a little too much bun, but I could deal with it.
It came with a side of potato wedges, which were very good as well. I can’t speak for the coleslaw because it’s just not my thing.

Here’s Jordan’s chicken lasagna. I was very interested, chicken lasagna is new to me.
He really enjoyed it, and I wish I had tried more than one bite. I think I may have even tasted chili powder in there.

The side salad was also delicious. I believe it had cranberries, almonds, carrots, onions and a citrus-y dressing. Yum!

A dessert caught our eye as it was walking by our table.
Apple crisp with gelato.

Apple crisp with ice cream is so underrated. It is nearly always worth the calories, and this stuff did not disappoint.
The crisp was satisfying, and the gelato was cool, super creamy and amazing. I would probably come back here just for gelato (which is apparently from G.G. Gelati’s, so I guess I would just go there). I’m also pretty sure the caramel sauce was REAL cooked-sugar caramel!

I thought the food was great. Not just good, great. Jordan and I both gave an 8.5/10.

The service was also very good. Food was served in a timely manner, not too quick and not too slow. Every server in our area was attentive and fairly knowledgeable. Best of all, they didn’t take forever clearing our plates! I can’t stand it when it takes a server more than 10 minutes to clear a table. The service gets an 8.5/10 as well.

Our meal was not very expensive. My burger was $13.50, Jordan’s lasagna was between $16 and $17. With beer and dessert, our bill was about $40. Seriously not bad.
It’s not dirt cheap, but I think the prices are reasonable for the quality of food.
Another 8.5/10 for value.

Overall, an awesome experience. I will absolutely be going back, probably to try their “pickerel tower” and scoop up more gelato, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to try something new.

I love being pleasantly surprised! Have you been somewhere that was unexpectedly awesome?
Tell me about your experience at Prairie Ink, if you’ve been there.

Prairie Ink Restaurant on Urbanspoon

P.s. Look at my little Jets fan! How adorable. 😛



  1. Elfrieda Neufeld · · Reply

    I was at Prairie Ink recently for a book launch, so just coffee & a cinnamon bun, which was decent and the coffee great. A great and unexpected place that we go to several times a year is not in Wpg. but in Gimli. A place Called Brennevins(sp?). VERY unassuming-looking place but good service and great food! They open at 4pm every day. They serve pizza, and diner food but their claim to fame is their “fish fries” (deep-fried thin-sliced potatoes). They have good salads and a few other things as well. Worth the drive!

    1. That sounds awesome! I go to Gimli at least once every summer, so I will be sure to check it out when I visit.

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