I am ready to get springy with it. Ready to spring into action. Springing to life. I’m popping out of the snow like a daisy. Anyone else have a good spring related pun? To get in the spring mindset, I took one of my grandma’s trademark Easter treats and gave it steroids. These bird’s nests […]

Weekend mornings are good for my soul. Sitting outside on our balcony with a cup of coffee, the Winnipeg Free Press on my tablet, and a hot, satisfying breakfast is enough to erase any miserableness I felt the night before. This easy-to-make breakfast cake has extra healing powers in the form of rich butter and […]

I am a casual literary fanatic. That means I’m only a fanatic in my head, not outwardly. I still want to blend in with society. I get ridiculously offended when someone says Harry Potter is a fad. I know tons of Harry Potter fun facts, and am slowly becoming a Hunger Games encyclopedia. I want […]

My two week low-carb experiment was a giant mistake. I can’t say I’m surprised. In the first week, I destroyed my balanced eating habits and fragile self esteem. In the second week, I said “Who the hell cares? I’m just going to get fat and deal with it. Maybe I’ll be happy then.” (I don’t […]

I saw the Favorites Friday on laurenconrad.com, and just had to rip off their wonderful idea. Favorite upcoming recipe: Frosty S’more Cups. Favorite website I stumbled into: Laurenconrad.com. Homegirl is so cool! She’s like Martha Stewart, except she dresses beautifully and isn’t batshit crazy. The website/blog that came in a close second: #whatshouldwecallme. Favorite “fall […]

Yup, monkey bread. I have also heard it referred to as “monkey brains”. I have no idea where the name came from, but I stopped thinking it was important after the first bite. This treat is essentially balls of sweet bread coated in butter, cinnamon and sugar. That sounds scrumptious on it’s own. Then you […]

My life can be super depressing. I have food issues and am super insecure at times. I absolutely hate my body. I have anxiety. I’m the most selfish person I know, and I have no desire to change that. I don’t bother having a conversation with 90% of people (usually because I think they’re an […]

I’ve posted about how awesome my Papa John is before, and he recently celebrated 50 years of being awesome. I wanted to do something really special for his milestone birthday. His favorite combination of peanut butter and chocolate had to be involved, and I really wanted to make a fondant piggy or two. He has […]

Watching this video of myself gave me a bit of reality check. I felt terrible about my body after seeing this. I won’t go into details, but there is so much I am not happy with. Since I’m a female, I couldn’t help but compare myself to a very fit instructor setting up for the […]

I love Banff. It is a charming, attractive town, filled with athletic, well-dressed people. For my dad’s 50th birthday dinner, we decided to go out on the town. Balkan the Greek had great reviews on Urbanspoon, and we all love Greek food, so it seemed like our best choice. Our evening started off interesting. We […]