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Bake: Chocolate silk pie.

I love to daydream about complicated, extravagant sweets. The time and effort that goes into some desserts blows my mind. However, I think when I’m a ballin’ pastry chef/bakery owner, I’m going to stick to simple, universal dishes that I know taste amazing. I would feel like an ass trying to serve some over-the-top dessert […]

Bake: No-Bake Bird’s Nests.

I am ready to get springy with it. Ready to spring into action. Springing to life. I’m popping out of the snow like a daisy. Anyone else have a good spring related pun? To get in the spring mindset, I took one of my grandma’s trademark Easter treats and gave it steroids. These bird’s nests […]

Bake: Berry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake.

Weekend mornings are good for my soul. Sitting outside on our balcony with a cup of coffee, the Winnipeg Free Press on my tablet, and a hot, satisfying breakfast is enough to erase any miserableness I felt the night before. This easy-to-make breakfast cake has extra healing powers in the form of rich butter and […]

Bake: Monkey bread.

Yup, monkey bread. I have also heard it referred to as “monkey brains”. I have no idea where the name came from, but I stopped thinking it was important after the first bite. This treat is essentially balls of sweet bread coated in butter, cinnamon and sugar. That sounds scrumptious on it’s own. Then you […]

bake: dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

I’ve posted about how awesome my Papa John is before, and he recently celebrated 50 years of being awesome. I wanted to do something really special for his milestone birthday. His favorite combination of peanut butter and chocolate had to be involved, and I really wanted to make a fondant piggy or two. He has […]

Bake: Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day! I think it’s a very stupid holiday that just gets society to spend money for no reason, but I’ll take any excuse to do something inexpensive and a little special with the boyfriend. This year we had a classy dinner of perfectly grilled steak with roasted potatoes and […]

Bake: Pina Colada Cucpakes.

Need something a little tropical to perk you up during these last few months of winter? I certainly don’t, since I’m leaving for Jamaica on Saturday. Hahahahahahahahahahah! Haha …. …Ahem. Please excuse my maniacal laughter. But since I’m leaving for Jamaica on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to bake something sunny and boozy […]

Bake: Maple Bacon Brown Sugar Scones.

Remember the pumpkin scones I made a little while back? Fantastic. I have been itching to experiment more with scones ever since. When I came across this recipe on How Sweet It Is (another fantastic blog), my instant salivation told me it was the one. Brown Sugar. Bacon. Cinnamon-sugared bacon, to be specific. In a […]

Bake: Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate-Stuffed Cookies.

There’s a line from Harry Potter that comes to mind when I think of my blog. “We plan, we get there, then all hell breaks loose.” My plan for all of last week was to make some fantastic bacon-maple-brown sugar scones. Then, all of a sudden I don’t have bacon anymore, and I’m improvising after […]

Bake: DDD Chocolate Mini Cake.

Off to a good start with my yearly goals! I stuck to my blogging plan. Found a recipe, read through it on Thursday, baked on Friday, and am posting on the weekend. Too bad I threw my original plan out the window. My original plan was to make brioche, my favorite rich and butter-y bread, […]