My mama and I haven’t always had the best relationship. What teenage girl gets along with her mom all the time? (None do, in case you’re wondering.)

We share a birthday (true story). We share hair, eyes, body shape (except the boobs), sense of humour, a love of reading.

She believes in me, big time. I feel like she believes I can achieve anything I want to in life. She has supported me through pretty much everything I have wanted to try.

I don’t think she missed a single skating competition or dance show. And there were lots.

She’s inspiring. She’s probably in better shape than I am, and almost 50. She also seems pretty cool about the fact that she’s almost 50.

Her lasagna is the best. The. Best.

She treats my boyfriend like a son. It’s almost cute.

I will never, ever forget seeing her do the YMCA at my sister’s wedding social.

She drives like a maniac. Honestly, who goes 100 km/h down a gravel road without breaking a sweat? Mama does!

My mom wears her hair naturally; crazy curly and mostly grayed. But she rocks it.

Her eyes are beautiful. Today they were a fiery blue, sometimes they’re the bright green I inherited, and sometimes an icy gray.

She’s constantly changing. But thankfully, she is always my Mama.

Love you Mom!



  1. Like mother, like daughter! You are really special! And I know that you can do anything
    when you put your heart into i!!!! Mama

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