Grow: fixing my mistakes.

My two week low-carb experiment was a giant mistake. I can’t say I’m surprised.
In the first week, I destroyed my balanced eating habits and fragile self esteem. In the second week, I said “Who the hell cares? I’m just going to get fat and deal with it. Maybe I’ll be happy then.”
(I don’t think I would be happy then.)

I don’t want to fool around with losing weight for a long, long time. I shouldn’t have tried two weeks ago, and I hope I learned my lesson. I’ve heard the saying “there is an equal binge for every diet”, but I went a step further. I basically took everything I know about balanced eating, exercise, and positive thinking, and threw it out the window after 3 days of a slightly lower carb intake. Sweet Jesus.

I just want to get back to my balanced eating habits. I was happy for a decent period of time, my weight was maintained with next to no effort, and I was starting to accept my body the way it was. That should have been good enough.

Getting My Balance Back:

. If I’m hungry, eat. Eat something that will satisfy my tummy and taste buds, and make an effort to eat something nutritious. But if only a big juicy burger topped with bacon and surrounded by a fluffy white bun is going to cut it, eat it and feel satisfied.
. If I’m not hungry, don’t eat.
. If I find myself thinking about food at weird times (like after I’ve just had a meal), distract myself. Going “LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA” or pursuing something on Pinterest usually works.
. Completely ignore nutritional facts. Common sense tells me what’s healthy and what isn’t. When I find myself tallying up my carb intake, use the “LALALALALALALALALALA” technique to direct my thoughts elsewhere.
. Do not eat a cookie unless 1) I want it. You’d be surprised at how many cookies I’ve eaten that I didn’t actually want. 2) I’m sitting down with a cup of coffee or milk. That’s the only way cookies should be eaten.
. Do my best to shut down negative self-talk. Either direct my thoughts elsewhere, or replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Or just slightly optimistic ones.
. Exercise when I want to. I nearly always have excess energy and want to exercise pretty frequently, so this guideline works for me. But this morning, it was beautiful outside and my legs were just itching to go for a run. My negative mindset shut me down and sucked the life out of my legs. Next time, I’ll have my sneakers on before my brain can tell me I’m too fat for running.
. Treat myself well. This means wearing clothes that are comfortable and fit well, spending time on my appearance (I love primping and feeling pretty), being clean, and not depriving myself of sleep. When I’m in a slump, I forget how to dress, I don’t shower regularly (ew) or treat my hair/skin/nails nicely, and stay up all night.
. Make sure I take my fish oil and vitamin D supplements. I think they make a noticeable difference in my mental health.

That’s all I can think of for now. Hopefully I can erase the damage done by my stupid experiment.

To me, this feels like trying to piece my healthy mindset back together. Have you ever had to get your shit back together? How did you do it?



  1. Not changing WHAT you eat but how MUCH you eat can make a world of difference too. You can learn to be just as satisfied with half a burger as you are with a whole one! Put it in the fridge for later, chug some water, and leave the house. Or even call someone just to catch up and chat. Your mouth will be too busy talking to be eating!

  2. […] and learned some photography tips. I still have a lot to learn, but I did get started! . I balanced out my eating habits, for the most part. My sweet tooth is still a little overzealous (love that word!), but I’m just […]

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