Fashion week.

The process of searching for, buying and wearing new clothes makes me happier than … well, pretty much anything else in this world (except having more money for clothes).
Since NY Fashion Week is in action, I decided to pretend I write a fashion blog over hurrrrrr.

Here are some of my favorite upcoming spring trends:

Stripes. Thick or thin, I love ‘em. Don’t believe the old myth that stripes make you look wider, because they only make you look more awesome.

Color blocking done right. I love this grey/pink shirt from Banana Republic. Clean lines and modern color combos are the way to do it!

Nautical. Clean lines, navy blue with gold accents, stripes … yeessss to all of that.

Bright colors. I had a pair of bright red jeans in high school that everyone made fun of, but it turns out I was just a few years early. Candy colored jeans, cardigans and blazers are going to be ubiquitous (my “word of the day”) this spring.

Trench coats. These aren’t exactly a hip new trend, and I totally used to think trench coats were only for flashers and Inspector Gadget, but I am finally warming up to trenches. Lookin’ classy!

And here are some trends that I think look absolutely ridiculous.

Too-big Dolman sleeves. They’re so unflattering.

This “mustard” color. It is immensely popular and looks great on some people, but I can’t look at it without getting a whiff of turmeric.

90s-era denim shirts. This looks like something I would wear if I was painting a fence. And wanted to look like a redneck simultaneously.

“Cute” rubber boots. I’m all for wearing something functional and looking dumb while you do it, but when you try to make them a legit accessory it just looks tacky. If you’re wearing them ironically, don’t even get me started. Ironic clothing/accessories drive me bananas.

What are some of your favorite upcoming trends, assuming you care about fashion at all? Any stupid fashion trends that make you wonder what the world is coming to? (cough cough those huuuge black rimmed glasses without lenses that 90% of hipsters wear..)

Happy Sunday. 🙂


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