January goal progress.

I am a big goal-setter. Not coincidentally, I’m also pretty decent at meeting those goals. One of my tips for achieving New Year’s resolutions or goals is to check your progress monthly. Here is what went on with my yearly goals in January!

Goal: Work out 4-6 times per week, health permitting.
Progress: I used a blank training plan, and worked out minimum 4 times every week this month! Excepting our week in Jamaica. We all know vacation doesn’t count.

Goal: Eat salads 3x a week for lunch.
Progress: Ho boy. I have not even gotten started. This month I will put together some easy salad recipes so I’m at least prepared to start tackling this goal.

Goal: Save 10% of the money I make this year.
Progress: Not bad. I haven’t officially started saving money yet, because I owe Jordan money for our Jamaica trip, and have just about paid off a big Mastercard bill. But I will be able to start saving in a couple months. I nearly had a mental breakdown today thinking about all the things I need to save for (fixing up my car, my BFF’s destination wedding in a few years, school, having a life while I’m in school… aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).

Goal: Spend less on clothing.
Progress: Decent. I set up a spreadsheet, so I know I have spent $108 on clothing so far this year. Which is a little bit too much (my goal is no more than $85 per month on clothes), but I couldn’t pass up a bathing suit that actually fit my chest. Having 34G boobs is a serious issue when it comes to buying a swimsuit.

Goal: Make and blog a new recipe once a week.
Progress: I’m 4/4! (Once again, we all know vacation doesn’t count.)
So far this year I’ve created DDD cake, brown butter toffee cookies, bacon maple brown sugar scones, and pina colada cupcakes.

Goal: Improve my cake and cookie decorating skills.
Progress: … Whoops. I didn’t decorate much this month. I stuck straws and umbrellas into pina colada cupcakes, and that’s about it.

Goal: Learn more about photography and understand the features on my camera.
Progress: Zilch, so far.

Goal: Be comfortable cutting basic vegetables.
Progress: Good! I’ve been hanging out in the kitchen with Jordan whenever he’s cooking, and learned quite a bit. I always make up little songs or sayings to help me remember how to cut the veggies.

It looks like I did good with my workouts, my finances, baking & blogging, and getting over my fear of cutting vegetables.
I need to work on eating salads, decorating, and photography knowledge.
Not bad for the first month of the year.

I’m also adding a new goal: Get off my butt more often at work. Aim for just 5 or 10 minutes every hour, and some stretches on my lunch break. It will add up to 45 mins-1 hr of not-sitting-on-my-butt time every day.
I want to work on being on my butt less in general, because I seem to be on my butt all day at work, I work out for an hour, then I’m on my butt all evening at home. But I’ll have to work on that goal later.

How are your New Year’s goals going? Anyone else have the issue of constantly being on his or her captain’s quarters? (That’s sailor talk for “your butt”.)

And here’s a little something just to amuse you.


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