Goals for 2012.

Fitness & Health

Goal: Run a race. Distance TBA, but it will most likely be a speedy 5K.
Accomplish: Keep active throughout the winter, running when weather permits. (If you’re saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing/lazy people”, try running at the peak of a Winnipeg winter. –35 Celsius with a crazy windchill and snow blowing up your nose.) Sign up for a race early, give myself plenty of time to train, and train smart to avoid injuries.

Goal: Work out 4-6 times per week, health permitting.
Accomplish: Use a blank training plan (inspired by Caitlin). Get a balance of cardio, strength training, flexibility, yoga, and dance. I would love to start swimming and biking this year (to start prepping for my 5 year goal triathlon), but no promises.

Goal: Eat salads for lunch 3x a week.
Accomplish: Always have the ingredients. Keep track with a sheet on the fridge. Keep in mind that piling leftovers onto spinach or lettuce still counts as a salad. Try to turn leftovers into a new meal-size salad with tasty add-ins or sides. I got a few good ideas from this post.


Goal: Save 10% of the money I make this year. I’m an adult, I need to start saving for adult things. Like a house. And the student loans that are in my near future. 10% is not much, but it’s a start.
Accomplish: I think I will set up a high-interest savings account which I don’t have easy access to, and schedule automatic transfers on paydays. I have a savings account now, but it’s connected to my main spending account, and far too easy to transfer my meager savings into my Lululemon account. I mean, spending account.

Goal: Spend less on clothing. I spent big, big bucks on clothing this year with shopping trips in Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and my regular Old Navy and Lululemon buys. I love fashion, but I really need to cut down my clothing buys.
Accomplish: Keep track of my clothing spending in my phone or in a journal. I would probably go through the roof if I knew exactly how much I spent on clothing this year (I would guess around $2500, maybe more. Which is a little ridonkulous.) Create new outfits from the kazillion items I already have. When I have the shopping bug, look around at Value Village and Salvation Army as well as my regular stores. There is good stuff to be found (and washed copiously before wearing).
Progress?: I’m 4 days into the new year and have only spent $30 on clothing. Yeeaaah buddy!
(We all know that gorgeous $90 sweater at Lululemon bought with several gift cards on December 30th, 2011 does not count.)


Goal: Make and blog a new recipe once a week, minimum. I will be training to become a professional pastry chef/baker shortly, I want lots of practice!
Accomplish: I have a huge database of recipes to try. First, categorize those recipes to make it easier to navigate. 1) Pick one recipe during the week. 2) Buy the ingredients and read over the recipe Thursday. 3) Make the recipe on Friday. 4) Plate it, photograph and blog about it on Saturday. Make appointments in my phone so I’m not caught unprepared and going “ahhhhh how am I supposed to soften pounds of butter, make brioche, take an artsy photograph AND blog about it in a single day?!”

Goal: Improve my cake and cookie decorating skills. In our Cake Boss obsessed era, being able to decorate well is a very, very very good skill to have.
Accomplish: Once a month, bake up some sugar cookies, cupcakes or a layer cake. Pick a theme, and decorate. Use a variety of fondant, buttercream and royal icings. This can double as my weekly recipe post.

Goal: Learn more about photography and understand the features on my camera.
Accomplish: I have several very useful articles “pinned”, all I need to do is read and utilize the information. I’m going to schedule dates in my phone where I will sit down, read these articles, and take some pictures. It’ll be like a seminar!


Honestly, I made some major improvements over the last year.
. I suffer much less from depression and disordered thinking.
. I have a social life I am happy with.
. I am much more accepting of my body, and no longer dream of “lengthening and leaning” myself out. My body is what it is, and I am beginning to be OK with that.

At the moment I can’t think of any personal goals to set. I may think of some goals a month or two down the road, but right now I simply want to maintain my friendships, my healthy relationship with food, and my hold on sanity. 🙂

Edit: Thought of one. I want to be comfortable with cutting basic vegetables (peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic). Onions seriously intimidate me.

I’m going to review all my goals at the beginning of every month to make sure I’m on the right track. I did really well with my “yearly goals” from 2011, and I’m hoping I can achieve some important stuff this year too!

What yearly goals or resolutions did you set, if any? If you didn’t set any, why not?


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