New year, same you.

This holiday season I did something I’ve never done before.

I have always counted calories, skipped meals, weighed myself daily, worked out excessively and said no to scrumptious desserts in an effort to avoid weight gain. I somehow always ended up gaining weight anyway, and being completely stressed out. Science, eh?

This year I pretended my scale’s batteries had died (I actually thought they had, but apparently they’re back to life now), I loaded up my plate with favorite foods I only get once a year but stopped eating when I was full, had desserts that really tickled my taste buds, and didn’t put working out before Christmas functions. I think I worked out like .. 5 times in December. But I also made sure I didn’t feel overly stuffed at meals.
I weighed myself while completely hammered on New Year’s Eve, and was pretty sure I read the number wrong. So I hopped on the scale a few minutes ago, and just about died laughing. After my desserts, several indulgent meals, unreasonable amounts of wine, and lack of working out, I weigh the same. I may actually be a little lighter.

I think this a great representation of how much my mindset towards food has changed. The less I care about calories, the easier it is to maintain my weight.
I feel like a much happier, healthier person now that I am less obsessed with food. If you are ready to give up the diets, look into Intuitive Eating!

I am really happy about all the positive changes I went through in 2011. It was a great year for me, and 2012 will only be better.
What kind of changes did you go through?




  1. I can relate to this completely. My last diet was Weight Watchers about 8 years ago, and although it was successful in getting me to lose 30 pounds, it completely messed with my mind. And it didn’t work long-term, as I couldn’t spend the rest of my life in a state of self-loathing and self-denial. Since “giving up” on dieting, I’ve had a much healthier and happier relationship with food – and my weight has permanently settled around where it was before I started Weight Watchers.

    1. That’s great! 🙂 I’m hoping I’m done with diets for ever and ever. And ever.

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