Pumpkin’ Lovin’.

I am not a big fan of pumpkin.
I saw it mixed into oatmeal and smoothies all over healthy living blogs 2 years ago, and I thought I would love it.
It turns out straight-up pumpkin is really disgusting.

After that experience, I was very cautious about pumpkin. When I saw these cookies on cookies & cups, I decided to give it another try. Thank goodness, because these pumpkin white chocolate cookies are my #1 favorite fall treat!
Bring these to your next October get-together. They’re not the prettiest cookies, but they have a cake-y, almost spongy texture and the winning flavor combo of pumpkin, warm spices and white chocolate.
You will love them, even if you’ve had some bad run-ins with pumpkin.

Here’s the recipe!

Pumpkin Scones

Another thing I’m not crazy about is scones. They can be dry and totally bland.
I did not have high hopes, since I was just trying to use up leftover pumpkin. But they turned out great! Jordan absolutely loved them, and I thought they were better than Starbucks’ with a little cream cheese icing and some pecans.

This recipe makes 12 chewy-inside-crispy-outside, spicy and flavorful pumpkin scones. They taste amazing with some lightly spiced cream cheese icing and candied pecans! Here’s the recipe!

I am so sorry for the half-assed post. I don’t feel like I have tons to blog about lately.
Oh well. When it comes to blogging, I find it’s best if I just go with the flow.

Coming soon:

. My favorite pecan pie recipe (and I’ll actually put up a recipe, not just links.)
. A Halloween cupcake experiment
. my awesome and hilarious Halloween costume


One comment

  1. Yummy!! The scones turned out great! I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed them….I am loving the spiced cream cheese icing and candied pecans you have on them. I definitely need to try them like that! 🙂

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