21st Birthday.


Party at the parent’s country home, with family and delicious food.

Lots of presents, and an additional nice dinner out.

Presents like a brand spankin’ new Kobo (which is basically a touchscreen Kindle), loaded with books.

And a confusing pair of tickets. The only “O” I know of is a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas…

Wait a minute. “O”. At the Bellagio Hotel.


Jordan is amazing. He arranged a week-long trip without me having a clue. My time was booked off work, the hotel and flight is taken care of, and my parents gave me loads of spending money for my birthday. I am all set to have an amazing week.

Thank you so much to my incredible boyfriend and parents! See you in a week! 😀


One comment

  1. Have fun! Vegas is AWESOME. Just be warned: once you’ve been there, Vegas will always be calling you. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. It’s a curse, but kind of an awesome one haha.

    P.S. If you see this while in Vegas — Try to check out Firefly on Paradise. The most amazing tapas restuarant EVER. And cheap. It’s a locals-hangout.

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