Things I’ve Done Recently That I’m Proud Of.

Went for TWO short runs. I haven’t run since I injured my foot over a month ago.

Got a sick bruise from fabric.

Parallel parked like I know what’s up. (And no, I do not drive a Smart car.)

Ate this entire bag of spinach before it went bad.

Another ballin’ manicure.

Did not one, but TWO yoga classes this week.

Did a cute fishtail braid. It’s a big deal.

What little things are you proud of?



  1. Where do you go for yoga? I’m always looking for a nearby yoga studio that I can fit into my schedule.

    Currently I’m proud of surviving a 24-hour shift without harming myself or anyone else.

    1. I go to St James Hot Yoga, it’s on Ness. I got a deal online ($39 for 10 classes or something) and although I really enjoy it, I might try somewhere else when my 10 classes are up.

      Holy guacamole. 24 hour shift? No harm done to anyone? That is very impressive.

      1. That’s a great rate, but I don’t think I could do hot yoga. Just the smell in the studios makes me want to toss my cookies. Sadly, 24-hour shifts are a regular part of my life. Someone had the idea a long time ago that it makes people better at their jobs. Ha ha ha…no.

  2. Hey,
    Hope this message finds you well and in best shape of health.
    I searched google for “things i have done which i am proud of” and came across this website. Went on to read a few more posts, just started infact and believe me its getting interesting by every word. Meanwhile, just wanted to let out that, wow, your an amazing personality and a big inspiration!!
    Loved reading your recipies! this website is already in my bookmarks.

    With heartiest regards all the way from saudi, have a wonderful day.


    1. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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