bake: my fall baking list.

I love fall. It instantly makes me think of apples, pumpkin, pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon.
Not to mention scarves, long-sleeves, and cute boots. Wooo!

.. I want to go shopping.

Here’s the yummy stuff I want to bake from now until the end of October.
I better start baking.

1. Pecan Shortbread Brownies from the Fat Witch cookbook.

2. Jordan’s Baba’s Scottish shortbread recipe.

3. Turtle cookies.

4. White chocolate pumpkin cups.

5. Apple Pie. Can you believe I’ve never made an apple pie with homemade crust?

6. Coffee Cake. I don’t know what kind yet, but I’ve also never made coffee cake, and I love it.

7. Brown sugar and toffee shortbread. (From In the Sweet Kitchen)

8. Pumpkin scones with cinnamon/cream cheese glaze. I’m sure I’m the last baker on the planet to make these.

9. Those half-baked cookie dough balls that were so popular.. last year.

10. A stacked carrot cake-cheesecake for my birthday! 🙂


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