How I plan to become super awesome:

1. Dye my hair like this.

2. Do my nails like this. Done! Totally worth the $12 bottle of polish from Sephora. (my nails are the ones on the right.)

3. Sell cookies in re-did paper CD slips.

4. Love your body.

5. Get a real deal Hermione Granger Time Turner necklace. I seriously almost bought it for $60 on the spot.

If you’re wondering what this post’s point is, there isn’t one. I came across this site called Pinterest and spent 2 hours glued to the computer finding things that I think are very, very cool.Check it out!



  1. The woman in that photo is so NOT fat.

    1. Agree. She is gorgeous actually.

  2. […] it’s another pointless but awesome Things I Found on Pinterest […]

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