grow: i can run.

Yesterday when getting ready to go for my weekly 5K run, I strapped on my Garmin Forerunner and came up with a plan.

Warm up with a 5 minute walk.
Jog at an easy pace (12:00 min/mile) for 0.5 mile, then run (sub 10:00 min/mile pace) for 0.25 mile, then walk the remaining 0.25.

This was a great strategy for me, and I will be using it for future runs. I totally recommend it to anyone who is a little irked by trying to run longer distances.
Even though I walked for 5 minutes every mile, I ended up with an average of 13:00-ish min/miles. 3.2 miles done in 39 minutes baby!

To most people, that’s really slow. But I don’t care. 39 minutes is what my short little legs can do, and I’m proud of them. 🙂

Coming up soon on the blog:

. My long weekend recap
. My 10K training plan. Yaaay, I love planning.
. A review of two Lululemon purchases.
. A fun treat!

Come back soon. 🙂


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