for my papa john.

He almost missed me being born because our phone lines went out on my birthday.

I can’t remember much of him from when I was really wee. I do remember him having a ridiculous mustache, big aviator glasses, and a deep soothing voice.

When I was a little older, he would hold my hand or put me on his shoulders, and I loved it. There are so many pictures from our family trips where I’m skipping along in a little dress and a hat, and he’s holding my hand.

I still love the smell of Old Spice because when he would come home from the barns, he would shower and make the house smell like Old Spice.

When I was skating, he watched lots of competitions, even though he worked pretty much everyday. He still does.

He lived in camping a trailer in Vancouver with my mom and me for weeks, because I was skating there. He flew there with me, and then missed his flight back.

He made us clean the house and do yardwork every weekend. We hated it and called him Sergeant Dad. But now I’m able to take care of myself and keep my apartment clean.

When my mom thought it was ok to put a 12 year old on Atkins Diet, he snuck me Rice Krispie treats.

He came to Ottawa to see me dance. I think he would have come to my most recent dance show, but I didn’t tell him about it.

He and my mama moved into the city for the first time in my life, so I could be close to school and have a social life.

He’s always been nice to my boyfriends, even though they were all terrified of him. And now I wish he had been not-so-nice to them.

Those boys were right to be scared, look how happy he is about kitchen knives.

He didn’t throw me out or send me to boarding school during my teenage years, which is a huge accomplishment. Seriously. I got facial piercings and did all kinds of stupid crap.

He has bailed me out financially numerous times. When I owed the government money, when I got speeding tickets, when I lost my job..

He’s seriously inspiring. He’s almost 50, an avid crossfitter, has his own gym on his property, and most likely healthier than I am. And he’s also more technologically-savvy.

Deadlifting 400 lbs! That was a long time ago to, I wonder what he’s up to now.

He thinks my baking, restaurant reviewing and dancing is cool. (Or he’s good at faking it.)

I inherited his nose and ears, his sense of humor, his love of bread and peanut butter (and food in general), his early mornings.

And just because he hates this picture….

He’s my Papa John, and I love him. ❤
Happy Father’s Day!
“I love you” is something that isn’t said very often in our family. I’m not sure why, its just not how we roll.
But I hope he bookmarks this post and reads it anytime he needs a reminder that I love him so much, and wish I could see him everyday. 🙂


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