grow/bake: dance show and pirate cookies.

MDG held their year-end dance shows last weekend. It was so much fun.
Honestly, I had more fun this year than any other.
I was only in 1 piece per show, whereas 4-5 years ago I was in soooooo many pieces in both shows, and dance shows were so stressful and chaotic.

The adult groups are so awesome! The atmosphere is so different from the “advanced” groups I was in years ago. It doesn’t feel clique-y, and it doesn’t feel like a constant competition. Everyone is just happy to be dancing and performing, and I love it! I will happily stay with the adult groups for another year or two. Or forever. 🙂

At the show, we had time to watch other groups, play with our hair and make up, then get focused for our pieces. And it went great!
I can’t speak for everyone else, but my skills were solid, I was super pirate-y/fairy-y, and I generally loved the feeling of performing again.
In our fairy piece, I did a complex-looking split on the hoop, and heard an audience member gasp. My heart just soared. I can’t help it, wowing someone puts a huge smile on my face! 😀

Here’s some photos for you.

Jordan and I went to Cora’s, because there’s one conveniently located in the place I was performing.


My sweet pirate make up.

The whole group + instructor! (Aerial fabric group.)

My fairy make-up.

Other girls’ fairy make up.


My hair, inspired my best friend at 12 years old.
(Also, check out my bicep and shoulder muscles. And that’s without flexing. Sweeet! Lol.)

The fairy group + instructor! (Hoop and trapeze.)

Note to self: take too many pictures of yourself, and this is going to happen eventually.

Here’s a video of our entire Pirates piece! (which I am totally not supposed to have, so shhhh. I’m the one with super puffy sleeves, on the yellow fabric on the right, then move to the middle light colored one. My big moment is  at like 3:25.)


In honor of our awesome performance as pirates, I busted out cookies shaped like Jack Sparrow’s tricone hat. Chocolate cookies with a Reese peanut butter cup in the middle.

I was so happy everyone was on the ball and understood what the cookies were. They looked cute and tasted great!

I got the idea and the recipe from this fabulous blogger. Check her out, she has some serious creative talent (and wayyy better pictures)!

That’s all for now, I have a fun restaurant review and pie recipe coming up this week. Have a great Sunday! 🙂


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