grow: my soul sucking job.

We all have to work for a living, it’s a fact of life. There will always be aspects of our jobs that we don’t like. That’s totally ok with me.

But my current job as a “sales coordinator” for a heavy truck dealership is no longer an acceptable way for me to earn money.

You can just skip over this little section if you don’t want to read my rant. Go ahead, I’ll understand.
. My co-workers drive me crazy (several of which are ex-convicts and womanizers).
. I’m ridiculed for being interested in things like baking, fitness, healthy living and dance instead of trucks.
. Customers are either unnecessarily rude or trying to flirt with me.
. I work 9 hours a day (everyone else in the building works 8 or less).
I go long periods of time with NO work coming in and have to scramble to keep busy.
. I’m always paranoid about getting fired with no warning.
. The environment is incredibly hostile at times. I’ve seen 5 or 6 physical fights between salesmen and heard plenty of screaming matches in every department.
. I can’t leave my desk for more than 20 seconds. It sucks.
. I’ve been called a bitch, stupid, incompetent and ridiculous because I’ll say “no” to tasks I don’t know how to do, or don’t have time for.

My doctor recently diagnosed me with tension headaches, and I’m sure it’s related to my workplace. I get an intense, super painful headache, around 1:30 p.m. every weekday.
I’m not a pansy when it comes to pain tolerance, but it’s unbearable unless I pop some extra strength Advil.
The headaches aren’t a problem on weekends, until Sunday evening when I start dreading going back to work. Boom, splitting headache.

I should not have to drug myself everyday just to be able to bear my job..

So that’s it. I’m done. I’m not going to quit until I have another position lined up because that would be financially stupid, but this workplace is clearly not good for me. It’s time to move on.

However, I’m not going to find another job in a field I have zero interest in and settle “for a few months”, because that’s exactly what happened with my current job, and here I am over a year later. I’m looking for jobs in health care and baking.

Ideally, I would be a physiotherapy assistant part-time, then baking and selling my own treats for extra money. Who knows, maybe that could work for me.
For now, I’m going to be aggressive (but nice and awesome) and walk in to every nearby physio clinic and bakery to personally deliver a resume.

I’m also going to take my doctor’s orders to try and deal with stress. Which means massages, treating my body like it’s already perfect, yoga and fun exercise. Hayooo!

Have you ever had a job that physically made you sick? Tell me about it!



  1. […] I already have one job that makes me physically sick. If I’m getting a second one, it’s going to be in a field I like. Please God, no more […]

  2. Yes, yes I have. I found your post as a matter of fact by googling, “My Soul Ate My Job,” and I am once again reminded that most people’s jobs are terrible. 90% of people hate their job. Thank you for letting me commiserate.

  3. Oh horrible!
    I had a job like that once working for Homes & Land Publishing as a Database Administrator. It was really a “layout editor” position. I worked from midnight to 9:00 am and I, too, could not leave my desk. I don’t know what the other people that held that position did to fill their time, but I finished a full night’s work in under 3 hours (Ubercomputergeek/genius). So for the other 6 I was bored to DEATH!

    Eventually I started playing video games on their mac computer I used for my editing and I got in trouble for that. So I started going around to the other production areas and helping other people with their work and I got in trouble for that. So then I started bringing in books to read and I got in trouble for that. Eventually I stopped sleeping in the daytime and resigned myself to sleeping on the job and of course I got in trouble for that. I thought I’d be clever and sleep in the toilet stall but it didn’t work and I got in trouble for that too. There was no way someone could have seen me do all those things in all those places unless they were LOOKING for me. I eventually narrowed it down to a night-time manager that was a known pain-in-the-butt and decided to even the playing field with a little revenge. Not only did he have to purchase a new car but he also got fired for his dirt coming to the surface.

    Even with the butthead gone I still hated every second at that job and dreaded going to it. It was a great paying job for the area I lived in but goodness did that job SUCK!

    Hey, if you have medical experience/training you should be able to get on with just about any hospital or clinic via one of those staffing companies! That’s how I got my start! I got on with “Kelly Services”, a woman-owned staffing service here in the states and they found me a position in a Hospital Family Practice Clinic. It’s been my main method of finding a job initially any time that I move to someplace new…and I’ve worked in some AWESOME places by going the “contractor” route.

    Give it a shot if you like, you won’t be disappointed.


    1. That sounds terrrrible. 😐
      Good thing you’re outta that place.

      I’m actually going to school in September, so having a different job for 6 months wouldn’t benefit me much. I have used staffing agencies with great success before though, and if the whole pastry chef/baking plan doesn’t work out, I would definitely look into Kelly Services. Thanks!

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