grow: weight watchers.

Hi everyone! Since I started Weight Watchers Online and I actually paid for it, I really want to get my money’s worth. Blogging can be a useful weight loss tool, and I thought some readers might be interested to see how the plan works for me, so here’s my first Weight Watchers post!

I’m trying not to think of it as a “diet”, since I’m not going to restrict myself, I’m not going to make anything off-limits, and I’m going to eat when I’m hungry or need fuel to work out.

Things I like about WW:

. It’s true, you can eat what you want and still stay within your “points”. The trick is MODERATION. Yesterday I had 2 oatmeal cookies, a piece of chocolate, and 3 bites of ice cream along with my regular meals. Since it was all pretty small portions, that was fine with Weight Watchers.

. If you track your exercise, you get “activity points”. Which is good, because if you’re moving more you should be eating more.

. Fruit and veggies are 0 points, so you can eat lots of them. 🙂

. There are recipes EVERYWHERE. Everyone and their dog has followed Weight Watchers at some point, so tasty recipes are all over the internet.

. The PointsPlus tracker is pretty easy to use. You find the food you ate, and you say how much you ate. It figures out the rest. I also like the Recipe Builder, where you plug in ingredients and amounts, and it churns out your “points” value. Neat.

. You can also track your hunger, and how satisfied you were after your meal. A little intuitive eating in there, I like it!

What I don’t like:

. It costs me money.

. It’s not available from my phone, which is basically my control center.

. You have to measure everything. No more just plopping chocolate milk into my morning coffee, I actually measured out 1/8 cup. I also weighed my strawberries, and the peanut butter for my toast. And egg whites. And the margarine I used to make scrambled eggs. It could definitely get time consuming.

. It’s essentially calorie counting, which I got wayyy too obsessive about. I am really hoping that doesn’t happen with these Points, because I like my current not-food-and-calorie-crazed state of mind. I want to be able to eat my food, track it, and forget about it until I’m hungry again.

That’s all for today. I’m going to sniff out somewhat healthy treats for “bake”. I think I already have one!
I also had a request from a co-worker for cinnamon buns, which definitely not be healthy, but I’ll post anyway. Wohoo, I love getting paid to bake!

See you around. 🙂


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