eat: muddy waters.

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. In the Peg, it was finally gorgeous enough to get a bad sunburn.

I’ve improved a bit from my last post, but I’m definitely not 100% yet.
I did sign myself up for Weight Watchers Online, but I know it will never work for me unless I’m positive and willing to work hard.
Who knows, maybe spending $65 on services I could have gotten for free on will give me the push I need to stick to a program. I haaaate throwing money out the window.

I’ll post about that later, but I’m gonna move on to last week’s date night spot. Since neither of us really wanted a big meal and we both wanted to sit out in the sunshine, we headed to Muddy Waters at the Forks for some dranks and pub food.

I love the Forks! It has several really good places to eat (Skinners!), treats like Mini Donuts, Frogurt, smoothies and amazing Tall Grass Prairie cinnamon buns, and all kinds of cool “cultural” stuff to buy. I just found out today it was voted Canada’s top public space!
Sadly, it’s a 25 minute drive through downtown away, so we don’t go as often as I would like.

Muddy Waters’ outdoor seating has a view of our beloved super dirty, super flooded Red River, as well as a pretty central area of the Forks.
The spot was great for people watching. A weirdo on a longboard went by every 5 minutes, and it usually wasn’t the same weirdo.

We were seated after a few minutes, we had to wait for a table to free up. NBD.

We were served drinks quickly, within 5 minutes. We both went with Bud Light Lime. Yum!

Instead of ordering a meal, we just got a bunch of appetizers. I ordered onion rings with a cool, tangy bbq sauce, and a side salad with tomato vinaigrette since I hadn’t eaten a whole lotta veg that day.

Jordan got lemon pepper chicken wings and some crazy nachos, as well as a Caesar to drink.

I was pleasantly surprised to get our food in about 20 mins. Very impressive, considering it was 4 plates of different foods.

I really enjoyed everything! The onion rings were crispy and just a little greasy. Totally reminded me of Tony Roma’s onion loaf, which I lovvvve.
The side salad was pretty basic. I wasn’t looking for anything crazy, just something to fill me up and get some nutrients.

These nachos were really good. Fresh, crunchy, covered in cheese and topped with pulled pork! Very Manitoban.
I didn’t try the wings, but Jordan said they were delicious. The only complaint he had was that the Caesar tasted a little off.

Someone a table over ordered a brownie sundae type dessert, and I nearly sauntered over and asked if I could take a picture of it. It looked sooooo delicious. Next time I’ll definitely try a dessert.

I’m not going to do a full review because I can’t judge a restaurant on solely drinks and appetizers. However, I would suggest Muddy Waters to anyone looking for a fun place to sit outside and have some drinks and snacks.
Service was speedy and friendly, the food was good, the view is nice when the river isn’t full of driftwood, and the prices are reasonable. After our $10 off coupon, it was just over 30 bucks for 4 large appetizers and 3 drinks. Not bad.

I’ll definitely be hitting up Muddy Waters whenever I’m at The Forks. 🙂

That’s all for now, have a great Monday!

Muddy Waters Smokehouse on Urbanspoon


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