eat: confusion corner bar & grill.

Hi everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend.
I got my redneck/Metis on camping in the Narrows, then met up with my whole famjam on Sunday for a fun Mama’s Day meal.

In honor of Mother’s Day: I love my mom! She’s sweet and goofy, but strong, beautiful and dependable. She’s my mama. I hope she had fun and enjoyed her presents, because she deserves a really special day. 😀

We ended up at the Confusion Corner Bar & Grill for Mama’s Day dinner. They have a really cool open rooftop area that I definitely want to enjoy some drinks on, but since the weather was poo we headed indoors.

Once the entire party showed up (7 people!), we ordered some “macho nachos” and herb-encrusted goat cheese for appetizers.


Most of us thought the appetizers were the highlight of the meal. The nachos were loaded with fun, flavorful stuff, and the goat cheese plate was a tasty new experience.
However, I’m pretty sure our server completely forgot about the goat cheese, so they lost a couple points there.

3/7 people at our table ordered Fettucine Alfredo.
“This Italian American classic consists of cream, white wine, garlic, and parmesan cheese sauce tossed with more parmesan and fresh parsley.”
It looked waayyyy too small, and only had 3 or 4 weak looking chicken strips. To quote my mama: “Boston Pizza’s is better”. That sucks.

Jordan and my Papa ordered this crazy thing called the Bodacious Burger.
“8 oz’s of house ground sirloin with our house made relish, crisp butter lettuce, ripe tomato; smothered with our Chipotle BBQ sauce and topped with jumbo beer battered onions rings. Served on a sesame kaiser bun.”
Both said it was average, nothing to write home about. That kind of sucks. However, it was pretty tall so I had to take a picture.

My bro-in-law went with Butter Chicken Curry.
“Skin on double breast of chicken, oven roasted and served over brown rice, covered in a mild curry sauce with seasonal vegetables and warm Nann bread.”
Looking at the description, this sounds like something I would love. It comes with Naan bread, so that’s an automatic thumbs-up from me. However, the BIL said it was pretty flat and flavorless, not spicy at all. That also sucks, but maybe it would be good for someone who likes milder dishes (….me)?

I went with a fun-sounding New Hawaiian Pizza.
“Ground chorizo, grilled pineapple, spinach, tomato sauce, and mozzarella, garnished with fresh cilantro.”

Either I have low standards or I got lucky and picked something delish, because I really liked this pizza. It was Hawaiian on steroids. The grilled pineapple had a juicy, smoky taste and I liked the flavor of the chorizo. The pizza had a thin, crispy, fresh crust. Just the way I like it. 🙂
It was also pretty huge, so I get to eat it for lunch for several days!

We also ALL had dessert, which I’m pretty sure has never happened before in my life. I think that means the portions were too small (although I always save room for dessert.. always).

Everyone really enjoyed the desserts too! Almost the whole group went with the NY Cheesecake Duo, which offers 2 small slices of cheesecake, different flavors.

The flavors of the night were Triple Chocolate and Turtle, and holy mackerel. That triple chocolate was delicious. Jordan ate the Turtle too fast for me to get a nibble, so I’m guessing it was pretty good.

My mom and I split the Apple Cinnamon Streusel.
“Warm spiced apple in a braided puff pastry with vanilla ice cream.”

It was pretty good. I’m a sucker for hot fruit dessert + ice cream. The puff pastry was a little chewier than it’s supposed to be, but I liked it anyway. Mmmm.

Side note to family: Try to make me take some pictures of PEOPLE and not just food next time. I wanted a cute picture of my mama to post and it turns out I haven’t taken any.

Okay, so I’ll rate the food first. Overall, I’m going to give it a 6.5/10, because it was really nothing special aside from the appetizers and cheesecake. I had a good pizza, but it seemed like I was the only person satisfied with my food.
The service was also very average. And she forgot our appetizer, so I’ll give a 7/10 for service.
The value was realllyyyy questionable. $17 for a small, sub-par bowl of pasta? $8.50 for about 10 bites of cheesecake? Not great. 6/10 for value.

I’ll go back, because Confusion seems like it would be great for drinks and an appetizer. I liked the atmosphere and classy, modern decor and am really want to test out the open-roof area.
But I think I’ll stop at the appetizers next time.

How was your Mother’s Day weekend? Any “bar and grill” spots in Winnipeg that I should definitely try?

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