eat: the lobby on york.

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend is going well.
I have an awesome “eat” experience to share. Jordan and I have been eyeing up the Lobby on York, a very classy (expensive) steak and seafood restaurant, for quite a while. We had our two year dating anniversary on Wednesday (woo!), so we got dressed up and got ready for a ballin’ meal.

Check out my fancy-ass hair! I had a Dealfind voucher for a place nearby called “Hair Saloon Etc” for shellac nails, a haircut and style, all for $20. Score!


I also splurged and bought a medium-length, strapless white dress with a sweetheart neckline and some really fun beading. It fit my boobs without being too big in the waist or way too long, it’s a miracle! Dress from Le Chateau outlet, $75.

Feeling like a star every now and then is awesome. 🙂

Wow, this was a gorgeous restaurant. The outside was a little eeerrrgghhh because of construction going on, but the interior was so elegant! Modern furniture and good lighting made this place visually interesting.
I loved this little section!

Very niiiiice.

We showed up at 5:45, not knowing that the restaurant only opens at 5, and 98% of people make reservations. We didn’t, and still got a nice table, and we actually had the restaurant to ourselves for almost half an hour! It was seriously cool. The waiter was super attentive because there was no one else to pay attention to, and I don’t think it gets more intimate than having a big ol’ fancy restaurant all to yourselves.

A nice basket of bread with an herby butter was on our table after a few minutes.

Mmmm. Hearty, seedy, and a little chewy.

Jordles and I both went with the restaurant’s specialty, strip loin steak. I am really not crazy about steak, but it was sounding good tonight. I also got yam/sweet potato fries, and Jordan went with Caesar salad, mushrooms AND roasted potatoes.
It was about 20 minutes before we had our main meal on the table, and people who had made reservations were just starting to show up.

My steak! It came with a flavored mustard and red wine reduction (I think it was a reduction, not 100% sure on that one), and it was fantastic. Perfectly cooked, nice and tender, flavorful, and not bleeding all over the place. This was the best steak I’ve ever had. Jordan really enjoyed his as well, I don’t think he said “best ever” though.
Moving on, here’s my sweet potato fries. They came with a cool chipotle dip, and they were so delicious. I couldn’t stop myself from picking at them.

Jordan also enjoyed his various side dishes, especially the mushrooms.

For dessert, we had the pecan pie tart with vanilla ice cream. Yuuuuum. I hate to say it, but their tart was almost as good as my homemade pecan pie. Almost.

And that little yellow leafy thing on the side? A gooseberry.

Our meal was just under $100, and I was okay with the price. Yes, it’s expensive, but I’ll pay top dollar for delicious, well prepared food, and in this case I think it was worth it. I read several reviews calling this place “overpriced”, but I disagree. Our bill at the Lobby was the same as at the Keg a while back, and our experience here was soooooo, so much better. If we’re going to spend $100 on a meal, we’re definitely going back here where we know the food and service will be amazing.

I have a hard time believing the reviews saying “service was awful!”, because we had such great service. Someone at the front took Jordan’s coat, no one gave us a hard time for not having a reservation, our waiter was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive (he even laughed at my totally classless jokes), food arrived at a good pace, and I’m pretty sure we talked to an owner/manager who came over to our table just to see how it was going and clear our plates.
Service gets a 10/10.
On a side note: Jordan noticed that there was only men serving, no waitresses. The only woman we saw was the bartender. If you think about it, almost all upscale restaurants have only men serving. Anyone know why this is?

The food was delicious, and prepared by someone who knows what’s up. The food gets a 9.5/10.
When I go back, I’m going to try something different. I was definitely scoping out the pan roasted pickerel, and maybe knowing how another dish tastes will give it the extra 0.5.

Value is tough one to rate. The meal was expensive, but delicious. 9/10 for value.

I will definitely be going back here again, but next time I’m going with a “$25 for $50 of food” Groupon that Jordan forgot this trip. I would recommend this restaurant to anybody and everybody, and I hope you have a fabulous experience like we did!

See you around. 🙂

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  1. John N · · Reply

    Hey I want to come along next time! Sounds great!

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