super late weekend breakfast: pancake house.

Jordan and I are subscribed to Groupon, WagJag, and DealFind.
Every now and then we actually buy a deal, such as this $10 for $20 of food Groupon for Pancake House, woooo!

(We have a similar coupon for Lobby on York, a thinger for like 6 mini cheesecakes at Chocolate Zen, and I’m getting a hair cut and blowdry with my nails shellacked  and eyebrows waxed for $20. Score!)

Anyways, on to our Pancake House breakfast. I’m not going to bother with a full review because it’s a chain restaurant, and they’re consistently average or slightly above average.

We went at 11:30 on a Sunday, which was dumb. Prime post-church brunch time. We had to wait for about 15 minutes, which really isn’t that bad.

We were both feeling chocolate milk.
On a side note: the best chocolate milk I’ve ever had was at our resort in Mexico, of all places. Don’t be afraid of foreign dairy! (Actually, be a little afraid. Make someone else try it first.)

Normally I would go for french toast, because Pancake House’s french toast is soooo good and I would recommend it, but I changed it up and had a Denver omelette.

It was good! I haven’t had an omelette since our Mexico trip in January, and this one was tasty. Full of veggies and ham. I liked the home fries as well, hot and crispy.

I had a few bites of Jordan’s pancakes, and found them a little dry. Nothing a little syrup can’t fix. 😉

I also really liked the millions of windows, great for food photography!

I love going to Pancake House once in a while for a nice, generic but yummy breakfast. It’s a little overpriced and busy, but with our coupon the meal was like 7 dollars. That’s a sweet deal.

See you around! 🙂


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