eat: the rice bowl.

We haven’t had Chinese/Asian/whatever for aaaaaaages, so I was super excited when Jordan decided we were finally going to the Rice Bowl for date night.

It’s a little place on Sargeant with lots of good reviews, known for being cheap (woo!) and delicious.

We were seated right away, and were greeted with that awesome greasy smell of fried wontons and spring rolls. Mmmmmmmmm.

Jordan was totally blown away that we had to write down what number we wanted on a little order sheet. I’m guessing they did this for less of a language barrier, because I noticed several people working there didn’t speak a lick of English.

We ordered fried rice to share, I ordered pork ribs with stir-fried scallions and peppers, and Jordan went with beef satay.

The food didn’t take very long to show up at our table, about 20 minutes.

These servings are HUGE. Seriously, we will be eating leftovers for at least 2 days. I’m not complaining, I love leftovers, but just sayin’… don’t expect to clean your plate.

Here’s the mountain of fried rice.

It was good. It’s fried rice, it’s always good.

And my giganto bowl of pork ribs with tasty veggies.
These were pretty good. Nice and flavourful, tender but not chewy. Which is good, I am notttt into chewy pork.
Sadly it didn’t occur to me that there would be bones, which of course there was, so I was always wondering if I was getting a super delicious crunchy bit or if I was eating little bitty bones, which kind of took away from the experience. But that’s my own fault.

Jordan’s beef satay was almost an “awesome out of 10”. He really, really liked it.
Funny story, when his dish came out of the kitchen smokin’ and sizzlin’ hot, the whole restaurant started coughing because it smelled so spicy. Not even joking.
He loved it. 😀

My only complaint was that the server took too long to come and give us a little containers to take our food home. The women near us with two screaming children clearly had the same issue, because they could not get those screaming-and-way-too-close-to-my-personal-space children out of there fast enough.

It was overall a really good meal, and I would definitely go back here for Chinese. I’ll probably go with something boneless next time though.
The meal, plus a beer, with tip, was still under 40 bucks. And as I said, we’ll be eating Chinese for a few days.
Steal of a deal!

I’m going to give them an 8/10 for food, I think Jordan would give them an 8.5 or a 9/10.
Customer service was ok. 7/10 for our server with minimal English but a big smile.
And a 9/10 for value. 4 or 5 meals for under $40? That’s awesome.

We also hit up Eva’s Gelato & Coffee bar on the way home. I’m not going to bother doing a full review, but I will say it was delicious! I’ll definitely be hitting up that place again.

I had Banana Split gelato. It was super creamy and full of banana taste, but it didn’t make you feel greasy and gross like ice cream does sometimes. I also like that the teeny spoon makes you eat it slowly!

Jordan had one scoop of Brownie Explosion something or other and Chocolate Torte, I believe. If I can figure out which one the top scoop was, that’s my scoop for next time. It was SO good, like bits of chocolate cake with cake batter mixed into the gelato.

Have a great Monday!

Coming up: I’ll be posting a late “weekend breakfast” courtesy of Pancake House, and a recipe for chocolate chip cookies on steroids.

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