eat: chez sophie.

This week’s date night restaurant was a risky one. I picked Chez Sophie based solely on other people’s reviews and my good feeling about it, without seeing the website or a menu. Le gasp. (Chez Sophie is a legit French eatery.)

I’m happy we went. 🙂 Chez Sophie looks like a house-turned-restaurant, with a homey French feel, and it was pretty cute. Hella small, and busy with only two servers, but still cute.

When we walked in, we were greeted in French. Jordan speaks fluent French, so he chatted it up while I smiled and nodded like a dork, and that was all fine and dandy, but I’ll warn you that only one of the servers speaks good English.

We were seated right by a window, and got a little decanter? of water brought to us right away.

The presentation was cute, but I’m almost positive this was tap water. Please excuse me for sounding like a snob, but eesh. Throw a Brita filter on that thang.

After a look over the menu, I decided on a rich n’ delish sounding pasta which included cream sauce, cheese, veggies and chicken fingers (!!!), and Jordan went with something that was actually French. I believe it’s called tartiflette? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. It was a dish with potatoes, cheese, cream sauce, and ham. Mmmmm.

Their pizza options looked really interesting, and I have heard nothing but good things about the pizza, so if you hit up Chez Sophie you should definitely consider it! I saw some pizzas go to other tables, and they looked sooooo good. However, pizza wasn’t was I was craving, so I didn’t get to try it.
Also, be sure to ask your server about the specials. They were on a little chalkboard that was slightly out of my line of vision, so I didn’t notice them until after we ordered. I understood the words “ham and cheese crepe” and was immediately sad I didn’t ask my server about the specials. 😦

Jordan started off with a basic salad with their house balsamic dressing, which shocked me. He hates balsamic, but really enjoyed theirs. His salad came with a hot little bun, which I would have liked normally, but it looked and tasted suspiciously like Superstore’s ready-to-bake buns. Which I don’t like. When I’m in a restaurant where everything else is clearly prepared fresh, something store-bought throws me off.
But, moving on, I was too busy creepin’ on a cute French boy in their kitchen to take a picture of the salad and suspicious bun. My bad.

Our meals showed up within 15-20 minutes, which I consider reasonable. I was so excited to see a massive plate of hot, cheesy pasta moving my way.

Oh baby.

I took a couple bites of my garlic toast, which just confirmed my Superstore bun theory, but oh well. It didn’t take away from my pasta experience.

It was sooo cheesy, with big hunks of veggies (such as tomato and pepper) with a hint of onion, held together with a rich cream sauce. The high point was the pieces of real breaded chicken fingers in the pasta. I was so, so happy.

This was a very rich dish though, so I was only capable of eating like … 1/3 of it. Oh well, lots of yummy leftovers! 😀


(And since we were seated right by a window, I even had decent lighting for pictures. Which never happens. Wohooo!)

And here is Jordan’s tartiflette. I loved that these things came on little wooden paddles, and wondered if they would notice if one went missing.

Jordan really enjoyed his tartiflette, and he said it was also very rich, but good.  I’m proud of him for going out on a limb and trying a somewhat exotic dish!

We also noticed someone else drinking a Stella, which wasn’t on the menu, so Jordan ordered one. I thought it was a little odd the menu didn’t mention any drinks or beer, though they did have a wine menu. Hmmm.

When I had put my fork down and Jordan’s plate/dish thing was clean, the restaurant got busier as we waited for someone to come clear our plates.
This was one of the only parts of our experience I wasn’t happy with, they took waaaayyyyyy too long to clear the table and bring our bill.
Seriously. It took about 15 minutes to clear the table,  and another 10 to bring the bill. If I hadn’t been 1) texting a friend back and forth and 2) creepin’ on cute French kitchen boy who kept wandering into my peripheral vision, I would have gotten my panties in a bunch.

The meal was a little bit pricey. Nothing Keg-like, but $45 for our entrees and a salad with tip.
They “forgot” to charge us for Jordan’s beer. I think the super adorable female non-English speaking server had a little crush on Jordan. Hey, if it gets him (and me, by association) a free beer, that’s cool with me.

Overall, another good experience. I would foshooo go here again, because that pizza looked like I need to come back, and because I really liked the service and atmosphere aside from taking way too gosh-darn long to clear our table.
Jordan says a 7/10 for his tartiflette and salad, I’ll say 7.5/10 for my pasta. If the garlic toast wasn’t Superstore buns, I would have given it an 8. Service gets a 6.5/10 for the table-clearing blunder, it would be muuuch higher if I hadn’t been kept waiting. And another 7/10 for value.
As I said, I think I want to give Chez Sophie a chance for a better score. I’ll be going back here, and wouldn’t discourage anyone from visiting.

Hope you enjoyed the review, see you around!

Chez Sophie Bistro & Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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