grow: goal renovations.

I am a goal setter, I’m a planner, and I’m a plan-follower (for the most part). Goals are my lifesaver when I need direction.
Every now and then I reevaluate my goals to see if they’re something I still want to work towards.

My current 1 year goals:
1. By October 2011, I will run a 10K race.
2. I will make supper once a week.
3. In 2011, I will work towards respecting my body. I will try my hardest to stop my abusive habits. I will fuel my activities and enjoy my food, instead of binge and starve. I will do exercise that I enjoy.


1. I am on track to run a speedy 10K race by October. Right now, I’m doing the Couch to 5K program for speed. I’m hoping doing the program again will bring my pace up to an average 10 min/mile or less. 🙂

2. … Ah yes, making supper once a week. I have completely fallen off the wagon. This week I’m going to do some recipe searching, stockpile some tasty and easy recipes, and get back into it. I want to learn to cook well, and I want to not hate it!

3. I think I’m doing well with this goal. The fat talk has gone down considerably, and my self esteem is soooooo much better than it was at the beginning of the year, even though I don’t look different. I am beginning to love my body for what it is and all the amazing things it does, and said goodbye to diets. Wohooo for self acceptance!

2 new goals.

1. By January 2012, I want to lose and keep off 7-10 pounds. This is a totally realistic goal, and I believe I can achieve it without a diet or depriving myself, and without hating my body.
Losing 7-10 lbs will put me in a consistently healthy BMI, and probably make dance a million times easier. A smaller pant size is just a bonus.

2. Get a job in a field I actually like. I’m currently working as a Sales Coordinator at a truck centre. I hate semi trucks, and know very little about them. Why the eff do I spend 40 hours a week at a truck centre?
I’m going to keep my eyes open for a position like “physiotherapist assistant” and quit my underpaid job when one comes up. Because my job and the people in my workplace are seriously bringing me down, and there is no way I can make it here until September 2012.

I am also going to add these goals for the next 2 years.

1. Lose and keep off a total of 15 pounds. 115-120 is a healthy, normal weight for me, and its totally doable. I want to continue loving and accepting my body throughout the process, and I want to keep challenging myself physically.

2. Get back into the “advanced” aerial group at Monica’s. No, not the “adult advanced”, the actual advanced. I don’t know if I’ll be at that point this year, but next year I will be more than ready, and I’m going to go for it. I want to perform again!

That’s all for my goal renovation. Good times.

Are you a goal setter like me, or do you make it up as you go along?
If you have some goals that you’re working towards, hollaaa! I love hearing about them.


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