eat: steve’s bistro.

Steve’s Place used to be an awesome, old school greasy spoon type place with great burgers and fries.
They recently morphed into Steve’s Bistro, a classy Greek and Steakhouse joint. I haven’t been to Steve’s since the change, so I was happy to try it out.

The place looked gorgeous! It went from greasy spoon to a sophisticated eatery with good burgers. There is original artwork all over the place and a nice, romantic red-brown color scheme going on.
Great makeover!

The start of our night out at Steve’s was a bit of a clusterfrizzle. There was a huge 14 person party taking over most of the small restaurant, and the servers were clearly stressing. But they took care of us regardless, seating us at the bar for an appetizer and a drink, then we were scooted us over to an actual table for the meal.

I loved the grilled pita with tzatziki appetizer. Triangles of warm, soft and super fluffy pita with tangy tzatziki, for 3 dollars! I also really like these rectangular serving plates that seem to be popping up all over the place.

We ordered our meals while we were sippin’ at the bar, so we only had to wait 5 or 10 minutes for our food. Awesome!
I had seen the fish and chips walk by on someone else’s plate earlier, and my decision was made. I was definitely feeling more greasy than Greek.

Holy mackerel, this hit the spot. The fish was flaky, flavorful, and had an awesome breading, and was surprisingly not greasy. And it didn’t have whatever it is about fish that makes your teeth squeak.
The fries were fantastic too, just like I remembered them. Not too salty, not too thick or thin, nice and crispy with a few squishy ones in there, and there was lotttts of ’em.

Jordan got a yummy looking burger.

He said it was “a very tasty burger”. Not feeling very descriptive I guess.
He also said it wasn’t greasy, which was a good thing. No one likes to leave dinner feeling like a greasy stuffed sausage.

We were too full to try dessert, but I’m sure we’ll be back, and I won’t be skipping dessert next time. The tiramisu looked delishh.

Overall, another really good experience. I think I enjoyed it more than Jordan, but whatever. This is my blog, I’ll write what I want.
An 8/10 for food. Maybe I would be saying otherwise if I had tried some of their specialty Greek fare, but I was feeling fish n’ chips, and the fish n’ chips gets a 8/10.
The service was really good. Our main server was awesome, and I couldn’t believe how well everyone held together with a nasty, demanding 14-person table. 9/10 for the lovely servers!
And a 8.5/10 for value. I don’t know if I gave it away when I said “3 dollar appetizer”, but this place has good bang for it’s buck. Our meal (3 beers, pita with tzatziki, fish n’ chips, and burger with fries) was about $40. Which is seriously not bad, but the dinner entrees are a bit pricier.

I will definitely hit up Steve’s again when the opportunity comes up, I had a good time and I think most people would enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and tasty, reasonably priced food.

Toodles! 🙂
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