grow: traveling.

Today while bored at work and staring out at my gloomy rainy office setting, I started daydreaming about traveling.
I haven’t been to a whole lot of places in my 20 years, but I’ve always liked traveling (…yet I’m terrified of flying and natural disasters, which are pretty common in many places I want to go).

My very first out-of-country trip was to Lisbon, Portugal for a dance event and I loved it. I ate ice cream everyday and swam in the beautiful blue-green ocean. I want to go back there as an adult eventually.
I was off to Burnaby/Vancouver shortly after to train for figure skating, and I loved it there too! I got a little homesick after 3 weeks, but it’s a gorgeous coastal city with decent weather.
I’ve also been to Ottawa, driven through the Rocky Mountains with my mama, Minneapolis a few times (we nearly saw a tornado!), Las Vegas and Los Angeles with Jordan (I loved both places, having lunch on the Santa Monica pier is an amazing memory), and most recently a resort trip Puertta Vallarta, Mexico.

Ok, that looks like a pretty long list. Maybe I’ve traveled more than I thought.

I have this awesome quote that describes my feelings about traveling perfectly.
“If life is a book, without traveling you have only read the first page.”

Just for kicks, here’s a little list of places I want to visit!

The usual spots like Paris, Venice and Rome, Athens, and Cairo.

ARUBA! For my honeymoon. I don’t know what it is about this place, but I really really really want to go there.

Seychelle Islands. I saw this island on House Hunters Intl the other day and loved it.

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Queenstown, New Zealand.


Oklahoma or Texas for a tornado safari!

Brazil, I want to see me some rainforest!


Zurich, Switzerland. (The dance troupe I used to be with attended an event in Zurich two years after I left. Awwwful timing, I beat myself up everyday for not sticking with it.)

And that’s all I can think of for the moment. I should probably start looking for a higher paying job. And learning various languages.

Holla if you’ve ever been to these places, or if you’ve been somewhere that needs to be on my list! 🙂


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