eat: the keg, kenaston.

Hey everyone, happy Monday!
Juuust kidding, everyone knows there’s no such thing as a happy Monday.
But I hope it was as painless as possible.

This week’s date night was chosen strictly because we had a gift card. I wanted to stay away from reviewing chain restaurants, but whatevs, free food is free food.

The weather was just ca-raaazy here on Friday night, but we ventured out to the Keg (Kenaston and McGillivray location) anyway. Getting dressed up and going out for a nice meal on Friday night is so fun and relaxing, no “blizzard” was stopping us.

A friendly hostess seated us right away, even the place looked suuuuuuuuper duper busy. We got a cute little table by the fireplace, and started off with some dranky-dranks!

Red wine for me, beer for Jordles. I think I’ll switch it up next time, I’ve been drinking quite a bit of red wine. But holy mackerel, this stuff was a little strong for me.

Next up, bread! I can’t have a nice meal without bread. It would seriously screw it up for me.

I liked this stuff. It was very hearty and had a slightly nutty taste, it was a lot like ciabatta.

Keep in mind, I’m such a carb fiend that I doubt I’ll ever meet a piece of bread covered in butter that I don’t like.

Jordles and I both went for Top Sirlon steak meals.

I ordered my steak “medium”, which is something I’ve never done in my life (I’ve always been a “well done and absolutely no redness” kind of girl), and threw up in my mouth a little when my steak started gushing blood.

Once I got over that unpleasantness, my steak was actually pretty good. Nice, tender and flavorful.

The twice-baked potato was the star of the show for me though, it was delicious! MMmmmm. Super fluffy and full of goodness (like cheese and bacon bits).

Jordan also enjoyed his meal. He got preeeetty much the same thing I did, so I won’t be redundant.

He also got a Mudslide, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I had a sip, and it tasted a like a boozy milkshake. Which is a good thing.

We skipped dessert this time, and that’s probably for the best. Our meals + 3 drinks was just under $100!

The only issue I have with The Keg is their prices. Sure, the food is good, and the setting is nice. But the food is not mindblowing and the decor is nothing to write home about. And for $50 a person, it definitely should be.

Overall, a pretty good experience. An 8/10 for service, a 7/10 for the food, and a 5/10 for value. Seriously, if I’m paying 100 bucks for a meal, it better be fantastic, and The Keg just didn’t cut it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the post and stay away from The Keg unless you’ve got money to burn.

Next week: haven’t decided yet. I’m hoping to making it to the Rice Bowl one of these days.
But I have two pancake recipes and a nice yellow cake coming up, so come back soon! 🙂



  1. […] this place “overpriced”, but I disagree. Our bill at the Lobby was the same as at the Keg a while back, and our experience here was soooooo, so much better. If we’re going to spend $100 on a meal, […]

  2. I spend at least $500 a month at the Kenaston Keg. i was there a week ago Thursday and spent
    $350 on the patio with clients with the waitress coming to our table saying “you want drinks” and asking us to pass the drinks around the table instead of putting herself out to serve us herself. Unfortunately I am of the bent to tip the waitress 15-20% as I know that is how they make their living. I attended with my family 4 days later. We ordered drinks and food. One part of the food was hot wings. We were delivered some other kind of wings. We informed the serve who took the wings away. About 20 minutes later we were delivered wings which were hot, but had been on the grill (or whatever you use ) way too long. They were dried out and basically tasteless. Again, I tipped over 15% given the fact that I was with my daughter ( a former employee of the Keg) who understands the fact of tipping out etc and the fact that that may not have been the responsibility of the waitress (funny enough the same one that I had a few days earlier) I love the Keg, I is my go to place with clients and family and I am really disappointed to see where things have come. When I was there earlier in the week, I ran into a number of business clients and I hope that what I ran into was the exception, not the rule. I hope my comments are received in the manner that they were intended and that this is not something that is becoming the norm. I have attended the Keg patio for the past three years for the Keg Lobster Feast with by daughter however have to question whether or not the same high level of service that we have enjoyed is still the nor. I trust these comments are accepted in the manner that they are intended. Regards, Greg Sharrow, RE/MAX 477-0500

    1. You can relax, your comment doesn’t offend me haha.
      If the Keg makes you happy, by all means, keep eating there. 🙂
      I just don’t like their prices and find their food and service inconsistent, and would prefer to spend that much money on better quality food and service.
      In my opinion, the Lobby on York is much, much better than the Keg and the prices are similar. You should give the Lobby a try, if you want something a little different from the Keg. It will give you something to compare it with. (Hopefully they don’t have a bad night and make me look like an idiot.)

      Thanks for the comment, have a great day. 🙂

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