grow: potential.

Heeey all! Happy Wednesday, hope your week is going swimmingly.

I’m blogging today because yesterday my mama asked me if I wanted to participate in an adventure race. Both my parents are avid Crossfitters, and could destroy me in any fitness-related activity.
I nearly laughed like a hysterical hyena after googling the Pain in the Assinaboine race, and seeing it was 32km bike ride AND a 32km canoe/kayak.
The 32 km bike ride is probably doable without a whole lot of training, 2 hrs on a bike goes by pretty quickly.
But 2 hours of kayak/canoeing is a very different story. I’ve been canoeing once, and kayaking twice, and I’ve nearly killed myself all 3 times. I would definitely need some training on the water.

I have a few days to think about whether or not I want to enter this race, but here’s my pros/cons list.


. It’s a huge “grow” opportunity, because I’m pretty sure it will take all my physical and mental strength to do 5 hours of physical activity. With my mom, to boot.

. I’ll have something to train for, which keeps me busy, happy, focussed and motivated. And that’s good.

. it’ll add variety to my workouts, using different muscles and changing things up.


. I don’t have a bike. But I’m pretty sure my parents have a few lying around, my mama mentioned that I could probably borrow one.

. Time commitment. I would probably want to bike about 2 hrs a week, kayak 1.5 hours a week, and do one brick workout (1 hour bike, 1 hour kayak right after). So about 5 hrs a week of training, on top of dance. It’s hard, but doable.

. Cost. To pull off the water portion of the race without having a panic attack, I would need to be on the water every weekend once the snow/ice melts. I may need an instructor, and I would need to rent a kayak or some kind of floaty boat device. I’m doing some research, but it looks like the training cost would be my biggest issue.


Well, what do you think? Race or no race?
If you had the opportunity, would you jump on it or pass?
If anyone has any adventure race stories, I would love to hear them!

If I make a decision anytime soon, I’ll holla on the blog. 🙂
I also have an awesome oatmeal cookie recipe post, anddd my favourite pancakes coming up, so check back soon.

See you around! 🙂


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  1. Just do it!

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