eat: Santa Lucia Pizza.

This week’s date night we kept waffling between Asian food, and pizza. Eventually we decided on Santa Lucia pizza, because it’s supposedly the “best in the city” and we needed to test it out.

We rolled up to their Waterloo St location at prime dinner time (6:10 p.m., specifically). The place was pretty cozy (and by cozy I mean small), and busy, so we seated ourselves and had to wait a few minutes before came to wait on us. Customer service blunder #1.
Edit: Just so servers reading my blog will stop getting on my case, I’m pretty sure we were told to seat ourselves. Or we asked an employee if we should pick a table. Something like that. Instead of saying “we seated ourselves” I should have said “we talked to an employee, then picked a table as instructed”. I definitely do not condone plunking yourself down at a table and expecting someone to serve you.

We decided pretty quickly, and ordered some tasty draaaanks which showed up quickly too. My glass of house red wine was yummy, but I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to wine. All I know is that it tasted good and got me buzzed.

But then I was like “what the hhhhhhh, we don’t get water?” and had to ask our server for water. Which is pretty unusual at a restaurant.
Edit: Maybe I was a little too buzzed. I have been informed that having water with booze is only customary in my head. My bad.

We ordered garlic bread with our meal. It didn’t show up until about 5 minutes before our pizza came to table, which seems kind of silly. Since it’s an appetizer, shouldn’t it be there 15-20 minutes before the entree? Customer service blunder #2.

When it showed up, Jordan was so hungry he actually agreed to take this picture.

We quickly dug into the garlic bread. Thankfully, it was really good. I like mine a little more buttery, but it was super thick, fluffy and flavourful. Yaaaaay.

Then the main attraction! Santa Lucia’s famous pizza.I ordered the Montenegro, with prosciutto, bacon, onion and tomato.

Mmmmmmmm. Salty meat, onions, tomatoes and lotttttsa cheese. Love it. My pizza was really good! And so satisfying I only ate 2 pieces. I liked the thick-ish crust and the bigggg hunks of prosciutto. I don’t think it’s the best in the city, but it was verrrry good.

Jordan tried the Mexican. Seasoned beef, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and jalapenos.

He loved it, and said it was definitely in the top 5 pizzas he’s ever had, better than Bonfire Bistro. Dayuuuuuum.

After a few tasty slices, we were brought our bill and our boxed up pizzas. And weren’t asked if we wanted dessert, which we did. Customer service blunder #3.

Jordan thought we should try out the cheesecake, which was plain and came with a fruit topping of your choice.

Eh. It was alright. Nowhere near as good as Desiree’s/my cheesecake, but alright. I think my cheesecake expectations have been set very high since tasting Desiree’s.

All in all, a decent experience. The meal was $60 with drinks, dessert and tip, it’s reasonably priced. Food was verrry tasty, but the service was underwhelming (3 blunders in an hour-ish).

6.5/10 for service, and 8.5/10 for food.


Next week: hopefully the Rice Bowl, a nice cheap and fun Asian joint.

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  1. eh… I agree with some of your customer service blunders, but seating yourself is really not okay, even if it’s busy. Standing at the front with an expectant look will probably get you noticed a lot faster! Also, the water thing. I’ve worked in a few really corporate places that are anal about training the staff to attend to all sorts of asinine, minor points of service, and serving water along side alcohol has never been one of them.

  2. […] happy paying $18.95 for nothing-special pasta, and $18.95 for a pizza that’s “not as good as Santa Lucia’s”, which came with a long […]

  3. If you seat yourself and then complain that no one comes to see you then you need a reality check. Rude customer blunder #1 is seating yourself. I find that MOST restaurants do not serve water automatically, you need to ask. Assuming otherwise is Princess customer attitude. As for food timing and asking if you wanted desert/coffee. I agree.

    1. I’m pretty sure we were told to ‘pick a table and seat ourselves’ by an employee. Since I was a server a few years ago, I know sitting at a table hoping to be noticed is a waste of time. I honestly don’t remember how it happened, but I don’t think we just got impatient and sat down. That’s now how I roll.
      I’m also starting to notice that having water already on the table is a trait of classier restaurants. That one is my blunder, I guess I order water so often I expected the server to read my mind and have it there. I’ll edit that part out.
      Thanks for the feedback.

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