grow: becoming a go-getter.

Hey everyone!
Hope you had a great week full of good food, some sweet baking and learning experiences.
Not gonna lie, my week didn’t have a whole lot of that, but whatevs.

Today’s post is about another positive effect of fun, consistent exercise. I truly feel like I’ve been getting more out of life since I got back into dance in November!

The positive effect of exercise that I’m talking about today is essentially, confidence. Confidence in my body and my abilities has made me more ambitious, and I only noticed last week that I’ve become a “go-getter”.

Go-getter move #1: getting back into aerial.
This was the first in a series of bold steps to take. Last year I probably would have said “apppffff, I don’t wanna be in no adult class with a buncha old ladies!” But I am so, so, so, glad I did it. Even if I am with mostly old ladies.

Go-getter move #2: recreational gymnastics. I shut up the voice in my head that went “…. adult class.. where I won’t know anyone at all…” and went for it, and it’s a lot of  fun!

Go-getter move #3: applied for a bakery job. I nearly had an excitement-induced heart attack after seeing that a verrrry popular local bakery was hiring uneducated, inexperienced bakers, so I whipped up a cheesecake and a resume and ran down. Sadly, I didn’t get an interview. But I put in more effort than I have for any other job, and I’m proud for putting myself out there and really going for it.

Go-getter move #4: applying for school. Shortly after applying for above job, I realized that I am straight-up miserable at my current job. Instead of never going to school and being stuck at my desk for the rest of my life, like I had planned originally, I made an appointment for a consultation to get into a Pastry Chef program.

Go-getter move #5: stopped dieting. I have fought against my body for years, and I finally decided to let it go.
I accepted that there is no diet that will give me the super slim body I used to want, and relaxed my views about food. Now I eat dessert when I like, I don’t moderate my carb intake, and although I still struggle with emotional eating every now and then, it’s way less frequent. Honest to goodness, there was a point when I binged on sweets every day for a week. Since ditching diets and deprivation about 2 months ago, I’ve eaten emotionally once. Not badddd!

Go-getter move #6: trying to convince Lululemon that I should be Winnipeg’s ambassador. Is it likely that I’ll be chosen out of a zillion girls? No. It is possible? Yes! And if I do get picked, it means free (or heavily discounted) Lulu for me, which is more than enough motivation. I’m going to go for it!

Well, that’s it. Physical activity has done amazing things for me and greatly improved my quality of life, what has it done for you? Comment! 🙂

See you around! I have some baking planned for the weekend, and have a great meal to blog about, so come back soon.


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