eat: kristina’s on corydon.

This date night, Jordan and I tried out a restaurant that we spotted on the way to Carlos & Murphy’s. It looked pretty fun and funky.

Sadly, appearances can be deceiving. 😦
Kristina’s on Corydon is my first not-100%-positive review on the blog.

We rolled up, and were seated quickly, which is all fine and dandy.
We looked over the menu, which was typical Greek fare, and made our selections.
While asking about some options, our server mentioned that most foods at Kristina’s are pre-made, and just get warmed up. Which I really, really don’t like.
I like to think every good meal is prepared fresh for me instead of just heated up. I’m sure that’s not always the case, but I can live in my little dreamworld.

Anyways, we decided to get our drank on. I ordered a French Martini, and Jordan went with a Pina Colada.

This is where it went downhill.
My 8 dollar drink was preeetttyy close to flavourless, and Jordan said the same about his.
If you plan on hitting up Kristina’s, don’t waste money on drinks.

Our food showed up in a reasonable amount of time. I went with Greek stuffed chicken, and Jordan got pork souvlaki.

Both meals came with garlic bread, and this was the high point of the meal for me.
I love, love love garlic bread, and this stuff was really good. It was a seedy, hearty bread, super buttery and just a teensy bit charred. Yuuum.

Moving on to the entrees, my stuffed chicken with rice and veggies was nothing special. And for the price, it should have tasted waaaay above average.
I did like the presentation though. These rectangle plates are pretty!

Jordan said nearly the same thing about his souvlaki, lemon potatoes and veg. “Average and overpriced.”

The bill with drinks was $80! That’s easily our most expensive dinner yet, and the least impressive.
Kristina’s gets a 6/10 for the food, a 7/10 for service, and an 8/10 for appearance and presentation.
No “awesome out of 10” here.

Sorry Kristina’s on Corydon, but I won’t be visiting again anytime soon. There are way better places to spend that much money on dinner.

Kristina's On Corydon on Urbanspoon


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