eat: Chez Cora.

It’s the weekend!
And we all know that means date niiiiight!

Just kidding, we switched it up for a date morning this week.
Jordan has never been to Cora’s (also known as Chez Cora). It’s a really quaint, really busy breakfast restaurant, known for fresh fruit and homemade comfort foods.
I’ve been to Chez Cora a few times and always loved it, but I’ve never been as a foodie adult, so a visit was necessary.

Cora’s is CRAZY busy on Sunday mornings at 10:30. Understandable, because that’s like.. prime breakfast time, but it is a zoo in there.
I took pictures! (actually, Jordan did, because I’m too much of a pansy.)

That gives you a general idea of how packed it was in there. While waiting in line, we discovered that they do “call-aheads”. It’s like making yourself a spot in line, you can call when you leave home, and you’ll most likely only have to wait a couple minutes for a table. I will definitely be taking advantage of that next time, and avoid waiting for 25 minutes in the cramped front area.

We got our drinks quickly after being seated, and we had a coupon for one of these bad boys.

Fruit smoothie, made with fresh bananas and mangos. It was so good! I felt like I was back in Mexico for a few minutes.

I busted out my brand spankin’ new Canon Rebel for Cora’s because I knew it would be sunny and well-lit, which means good pictures of good food!
Too bad it also means every table around us looks at me like I’m out of my tree when I pull out a huge camera. Oh well!

The entire menu looked fabulous. Lots of warm, comforting breakfast options. Waffles, french toast, crepes, egg dishes and omelettes, entire fruit dishes .. Click here to see most of the menu!

I went with the 1990s Harvest.

“A large cinnamon-raisin brioche dipped in French toast batter with an egg and bacon on one side and a mountain of fresh fruit on the other.”

This was amazing! If you’ve never had brioche, you need to. Seriously, find the nearest bakery and try it. It’s like bread, but layered and flaky and even better. And this was cinnamon raisin brioche… made into french toast!
Cora’s beat out my favourite french toast recipe, aaaand the french toast rimmed with sugar that I ate in Mexico.

Aside from how amazing the french toast was, the fruit was also fresh, juicy and fabulous, even the slice of watermelon. I can’t imagine how hard it is to find decent watermelon at this time of year.

The bacon was cooked just the way I like it! I love bacon, but don’t eat it very often because it’s either too chewy and fatty or too crispy. But this was right in between. Perfect! 😀

Jordan ordered the Cora’s Special.

“2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage and crepe, served with roasted potatoes and toast.”

Yuuuum, look at all that bacon.

And what did he think?

Woooo! He really enjoyed his Chez Cora breakfast experience. It seems like Winnipeggers either love it or hate it, and I am definitely in the “love it” category, so it’s nice that he is too.

We had great, fresh food and good service in a sunny, colourful setting at a decent price. The meal was just under $29 with tip, which I consider reasonable.

The only reason I won’t give Chez Cora a 10/10 is because the long wait in a small space, but I will give it a solid 8.5/10.

We will definitely be taking more trips to Cora’s in the future, but we’ll try either calling ahead or going earlier to avoid some of the wait.

See you around, and enjoy the long weekend! 🙂

Next week’s Eat: Kristina’s on Corydon.

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