grow: running, eating and fighting.


This morning I accomplished something that hasn’t been done since November. I ran 5K! 😀
3.2 miles in just under 38 minutes, which is hella slow for most people but FANTASTIC for me and my short little legs. I was really happy I pushed through and challenged myself for the whole distance.

I like running, but I honestly couldn’t care less if I run all 3.2 miles, and I have more fun running intervals, so that’s how it went today.
I started off with 5 mins jogging/1 minute walking to get warmed up, then moved to 2 mins fast running (like 9 minute mile pace)/1 min walking.
I’ve found that this way, I can finish at the same time as if I was jogging the entire time. Awesome! 😀

Since one of my goals for 2011 is to run a 10K race, I want to start run/walking longer distances. Soon I’ll start bumping it up to 4-5 miles.
I also want to be a liiiiittle bit speedier, so for my next 5K I’ll run 3 mins/walk 1 min, or run 2 mins/walk 30 secs. You get the picture.


When I woke up this morning, I had some kinda sweet tooth going on. Not sure where it came from, but it was a rager. I decided to honour it with a couple leftover red velvet whoopie pies, and then I felt like crap. Physically, I felt fine. But I felt very guilty because I had eaten cookies for breakfast.

Dieting for half your life makes it so hard to simply honour your cravings and feel emotionally neutral about it.
To avoid guilt this morning, I should have reminded myself that:
1. Cookies for breakfast once in a while will not make me overweight, or put my blood pressure through the roof.
2. It’s OK to eat what I’m craving. If I don’t, I end up eating it anyway, and I’ll usually eat more of it. Indulging a craving is better than “resisting”.
3. Wanting sweets is biologically NORMAL.

It seems like every meal is a learning opportunity. When this situation comes up again, I hope I can enjoy my breakfast without any guilty backlash.


I had a powerful Negative Nancy in my head to contend with this morning.
She was there when I was eating my whoopie pies for breakfast, telling me I’d eaten wayyyy too much sugar and I was going to have to make up for it by starving all day.
She was there when I was getting out of my nasty, sweaty clothes after my impressive 5K run, feeling great. I always get a little bloated after running and sweating out a bunch of water, and my not-so-nutritious breakfast didn’t help with the bloating issue. When I peeled my shirt off, my gut was sticking out a bit more than usual and instantly Negative Nancy said, “whoa, when did you get that spare tire? I need to start doing more abwork.”
A harsh thought like that has the potential to ruin an entire week for me, so I mentally slapped Negative Nancy and fought back. “Uhhhh no you didn’t. I’m bloated because I went for a run and ate a breakfast that wasn’t nutritionally sound. I don’t normally have this much of a tummy, it’s nooo big deal. It’ll be gone in a few hours. Stupid biatch.”

Ugh. I hate having a negative voice in my head to talk back to.
The good thing is that I’m no longer listening to that voice, and will fight it whenever it makes it’s way into my head. I’m proud of all the progress I’ve made. 🙂

Weeeell that’s all I have to talk about today. I’ll do some more yoga and roll out my legs to avoid running soreness, but my baking posts will be up soon!

See you around. 🙂


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