eat post #1: bonfire bistro

A little while ago, Jordles and I decided that we wanted to have one night a week where we can go out for supper at a fun new restaurant, maybe some dessert, then just relaaax and watch a movie.

Ok, it’s a “date night”, but that term irks me a bit. “Date nights” are for 40-year-old married couples.

But anyways, I picked the restaurant last night. Using the urbanspoon app on my Blackberry, I found the Bonfire Bistro. It describes itself as a “simple, classic neighbourhood bistro” and after a quick look at the menu, it sounded very promising.

The place was nearby, only about 10 minutes of driving, but we drove by it once because it’s completely invisible if you’re going… east?, and we had to park a few minutes away. It was super nice out, so I didn’t mind.

The first impression that I got of the Bonfire Bistro is that it’s very cozy, and definitely on the small side. But I saw a guy flipping pizza dough in the corner, happy servers and happy diners, so that was cool.

We were seated after about 5 minutes, by a friendly woman who didn’t try to hit on my boyfriend (which is a big plus in my books), and were handed menus and water right away.
I had really wanted to try the

“Spinach Salad with orange, strawberry, kiwi, toasted almonds , citrus yogurt dressing and parmesan crisp”

But I’m sure if I had, I would have exploded with fullness by the time I got my pizza.

I really wish I was richer, or less cheap. The menu had lots of salad, antipasti, pasta and pizza. I really wanted to try more stuff, but I would have ended up with a $100 bill. Give or take. You can check out the extensive menu here!
Jordan and I both went for personal 10″ pizzas.

“Margherita: Roma tomato, fresh basil, mozzarella and bocconcini cheeses with Carlo’s tomato sauce”


“Spicy Pepperoni: button mushrooms, roasted Roma tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, fresh basil and mozzarella with Carlo’s tomato sauce”


Our server took a little longer than I like to take our order, but nothing outrageous. I understand the wait, there wasn’t a free table in the place.

The wait for food wasn’t bad, probably only about 15 minutes. Which was good, as I thought Jordan’s stomach might take off into the kitchen looking for sustenance pretty soon.

Our wood-fired pizzas arrived, looking deeeelish.

The pizza was awesome. It had a nice thin crust, no burnt spots, fresh ingredients, not too much sauce, lots of good quality cheese and lots of flavaaaaa.

Two thumbs up over here! Jordan really enjoyed his too. The super thin crust made it easy to eat the entire pizza.

Before we got our bill (…which also took a little longer than I like), our neighbouring table offered to buy us dessert, simply because we’re a cute young couple! His words, not mine.

I died laughing. I really hope something like that happens every date night. We politely said no, because we had plans for TCBY after dinner, but it made my night.

The bill for two 10″ pizzas and no drinks was $35.00, with tip.  Not outrageously expensive, but definitely not cheap. I think the pizza was worth it though, and I am so excited to get hungry for lunch so I can eat the few leftover slices.

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Bonfire Bistro, and will probably go there again. Friendly service, reasonable price, nice atmosphere, and good food. I don’t think I can ask for much else. 🙂

After dinner, there was still room for dessert and TCBY sounded perfect. I got a small vanilla froyo, with hot fudge sauce and biiiig chunks of Reese cups. ❤

I couldn’t finish the whole thing, but it hit the spot. A frozen yogurt can’t screw up that badly, so I won’t bother reviewing it haha. TCBY is always an awesome dessert choice.

I had an awesome and delicious night.

See you around!

Bonfire Bistro on Urbanspoon



  1. […] loved it, and said it was definitely in the top 5 pizzas he’s ever had, better than Bonfire Bistro. […]

  2. whats4lunch · · Reply

    Wood fired flatbread / pizza is awesome — that looks great.

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