post #1: my relationship with yoga.

hi everyone! welcome to Bake, Eat and Grow.

i realize this isn’t exactly a fluent way to introduce my soon-to-be-fantastic blog, but i want to get writing before my train of thought goes somewhere else.

my relationship with yoga.

as you’ll soon find out, i’m bigggggg on goal setting. i love having some kind of plan to help me achieve the things i want in life, and goals totally make me feel like i have a plan.

one of my Wellness Goals for February was to go to two actual yoga classes.
i say “was” because this morning right before leaving to attend Lululemon’s free yoga class, i realized i don’t like yoga enough to do it for over an hour. no frickin’ way. i need something that will get my heart rate up and keep my focus, and yoga just doesn’t do that for me after 30 minutes.

i am definitely not one of those women that loves yoga, i just like the stretch and the balance improvement it provides. and the super comfortable clothes from Lulu.
i guess i like yoga as a friend, but i wouldn’t like.. hang out with yoga outside of work, if it was a person.

anyways, after my “i don’t really like yoga thatttt much” revelation, i Lulu-llamad myself up and busted out the Canadian Tire yoga mat for an at-home sesh.
(definition of Lulu-llama: someone who dresses head to toe in Lululemon. if they wear the $11 no-slip headbands, they are elevated to a Lulu-ninja.)

i just used a nice little app on my iPod called Yoga Stretch, following the poses and holding each one for 5 long breaths.
it was only about 30 minutes long. it felt relaxing and refreshing instead of long and dragged out. perrrrrrfect for me.

i think one of the keys to sticking with an exercise program is doing things that you love, or at least like as a friend, for manageable amounts of time. if you look forward to your workouts, you will always always get ‘er done.

i think that’s all for now, have a fantastic sunday! 🙂

p.s. here’s a really cool concept! a yoga mat with a whole bunch of little poses on it. check out the TRAINERmat.


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